Imagine a school environment where punctuality earns you more than just a nod from the teacher, and your achievements could literally open doors to tasty treats and unique privileges. That’s Minga for you, transforming routine aspects of campus administration into fun things that make school communities buzz with excitement. As many of our partner schools say goodbye to paper and manual processes, they’ve come up with unique and creative ways to embrace Minga wholeheartedly on campus.

We’re excited to share 7 Cool Ways Schools are Using Minga, to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Minga Madness at Sanger West High, CA

A strategy for rewarding students

The hard work and responsible behavior of students at Sanger West High pays off in delicious dividends with the “Minga Madness” initiative. Every Thursday at lunchtime, the school sets up a little snack bar with a menu of items, or sometimes they’ll order pizza and give out slices to students for working hard in class. Instead of using cash, the kids use their PBIS points and rewards. It’s created a buzzing community vibe at the school — the students love getting rewarded for their efforts and it’s also a breeze for the staff to manage with Minga. 

(Minga Madness is possible thanks to the Behavior & Rewards module)

2. Tardy Blitz at Mayfair High, CA

A strategy for reducing tardiness on campus

Gone are the days of the dull morning bell. Mayfair High has introduced “Tardy Blitz,” a musical countdown that’s got everyone rushing to class. The school plays music for 90 seconds before the bell rings — as a fun and exciting way of getting students to class quickly. Students caught outside class during this period must check into an event on Minga, which then issues them an immediate “Tardy” hall pass that allows them to get back to class promptly. Students who aren’t tardy are rewarded with points, incentivizing timely class attendance. 

With “Tardy Blitz”, latecomers now only miss a few minutes of class — instead of the old process where they would miss the entire period.

(Tardy Blitz is possible thanks to the Behavior & Rewards module)

3. COLOR POP! at Channel Islands High, CA

A strategy for managing hall passes more effectively

While the live countdown timers on the digital hall passes work well for checking that a pass hasn’t been screenshotted or counterfeited, it can be challenging to do when trying to verify large groups of students at a time. To address this, Channel Islands High changes its hall pass colors every week, and its hall pass backgrounds every quarter and has coined this their “Color Pop!” initiative. This fun approach showcases how Channel Islands has skillfully leveraged Minga’s features to meet its unique needs.

(COLOR POP! is possible thanks to the Digital Hall Pass module)

4. MISSED OUT! at Danbury High, CT

A strategy for reducing tardiness on campus

Danbury High School pairs Minga’s robust tardy automation features with its “Missed Out” initiative, transforming the concept of tardiness into a motivational tool. The school replaces the traditional term “Tardy” with “Missed Out!” for students who are late or absent. This has helped to emphasize and encourage a culture of punctuality, as students don’t like the idea of feeling excluded or ‘“missing out.”

“Missed Out” has transformed into its very own campus culture and is widely supported by teachers, administrators, and students.

(MISSED OUT! is possible thanks to the Behavior & Rewards module)

5. Grizzly Success at Sunnyside High, WA

A strategy for reducing the admin burden of off-campus lunch

Sunnyside High celebrates student achievements and high performers with the privilege of off-campus lunch, while offering struggling students a chance to get extra help or catch up on work. The program is called “Grizzly Success” and off-campus eligibility is based on having a C+ grade average and attendance of 90% or higher. The initiative aims to enhance academic performance — and Minga’s digital ID stickers, digital hall passes, and robust automation features are pivotal in making sure that it’s properly managed.

(Grizzy Success is possible thanks to Digital ID and Digital Hall Pass modules)

6. Personalized Learning Paths at Edge High, AZ

A strategy for flexible learning

Personalized learning paths are the key to student success and well-being at Edge High. The school is dedicated to supporting students who’ve faced disruptions in their educational journey. As such, Edge High’s self-paced program is thoughtfully tailored to accommodate the intricate realities of students’ lives. Recognizing that some kids may need to leave early for work or attend to family responsibilities, the school offers flexibility for students to take necessary breaks from class, with the understanding that they’ll make up for the lost time later.

This empathetic and adaptable approach has fostered a nurturing learning environment that truly takes into account each student’s unique circumstances. In feedback from student surveys, kids consistently commend the teachers for the understanding and unwavering support they receive in their educational journey.

(Personalized schedules are made possible through the FlexTime module)

7. QR Codes to Manage Tardies at Monterey High, CA:

A strategy for reducing tardiness on campus

Monterey High has streamlined tardiness management with a simple scan of a QR code. Every single classroom across campus now has a QR Check In code for late students. So if a kid is late to class, they just have to scan the code and it automatically marks them as late through Minga. 

This simple use of technology makes handling tardies a breeze, keeping records organized and ensuring students are accountable without the hassle.

(QR codes are used in conjunction with the Check In & Behavior & Rewards modules)

A Campus Management Platform That Reduces Admin & Creates Time for Student Success

The innovative use of Minga in these schools illustrates the transformative power of technology in education. By blending fun with functionality, digital tools have not only simplified administrative tasks but also enriched the school experience for students and staff alike. These school stories are just a drop in the ocean; the potential for creative and impactful applications of Minga in schools is boundless. As educators continue to explore and implement these inventive strategies, the future of school engagement and management looks brighter than ever!

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