Campus Student Daily Attendance

Track student daily attendance for everything outside the class

Know who is on and off campus, see which flex period students attend, and account for all students, at any time. Check students in and out of events by scanning their ID and get access to real time student daily attendance data.

Manage Student Check Ins Like a Boss.

Old school student check ins are a time consuming burden, yet are mandatory for the safety of your students. Time to remove the barriers of manual attendance, eliminate extra front office work and put your mind at ease knowing that all your students are accounted for.

Know where every student is at all times

Increase campus safety with secure and real time check in

Flexibly track any activity outside the regular schedule

Live dashboard and reports showing status of every student on campus

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Minga’s new Check in Module has been long awaited by our dedicated schools. We’re happy to announce its finally here.

First Step for Digital IDs, Hall Passes, School communication, PBIS and Tracking.

Check in, check out,
and back again

Our school check in system will change the way you keep track of your students forever.
Right now teachers are slowly taking attendance by hand and relying on old school systems that feel outdated and aren’t always accurate. It’s time to upgrade to a digital school wide check in system.

Mass Check-ins that create a simpler and faster process every day

Track when and why students are late, leave early, or step out

Simple solution that requires little to no teacher, and staff training

Less time spent on attendance and student check in tasks

Easily check in students by scanning their Digital Student ID or using Minga’s search function.

Perfect for late arrivals, early dismissals, and flex/advisory periods

Create tardy hall passes without disrupting front office staff

Easily check students into events by scanning their Student ID or searching by name.

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Second Step for Digital IDs, Hall Passes, School communication, PBIS and Tracking.

See your student’s daily attendance with our admin dashboard

Safety is a growing concern in the education industry. With that in mind, we created a simple and intuitive reporting dashboard where you can see every accounted for student. And of course, you can customize the settings for your unique requirements.

Customize check in reasons that work for your campus

See which students are on/off campus at a glance

Access real time and previous attendance data through the Dashboard

7 day deep dive reports that are clear and easy to understand

Create check in privileges for certain groups using Digital Student ID stickers

Assign points for attendance and participation to boost school culture

FAQs on School Check in

No. But when managed correctly it’s easy to see where students were assigned to go once they left the classroom.

Never. Minga Check in only reports when a student checks out of class, and back in. We do not physically track students whereabouts, ever.

This is Minga’s only current module that requires the use of a Digital ID in order to scan and identify students upon arrival and departure.

Currently Minga does not do visitor check in or verification but this is Coming Soon to Minga.

The answer is yes, technically. The Check in module can tell you which students are accounted for at what time. So by creating a recurring daily schedule, students are able to check into their period blocks upon arrival. Although Minga is not a substitute for your specific classroom attendance. We are able to report on periods such as first, second, lunch and so on, but not specificities like whether or not a particular student should be in Senior Math during 3rd period, only that they attended 3rd period.