School Check In

Simplify Daily

Attendance Reporting

Simplify Daily

Attendance Reporting

Remove the hassle of manual attendance taking. With Minga’s School Check In Module, you can easily report on student attendance for any scheduled or non-scheduled activities.

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Flexible, automated attendance for everything outside the classroom

Old school student check ins are a time-consuming burden, yet are mandatory for the safety of your students. It’s time to remove the barriers of manual attendance, eliminate extra front office work, and put your mind at ease — knowing that all your students are accounted for.

Know where every student is at all times

Increase campus safety with secure & real time check in

Flexibly track any activity outside the regular schedule

Live dashboard and reports showing status of every student on campus

check in notifications for on and off campus

Student daily attendance made easy

A school check in solution that complements your existing SIS

Minga’s check in system is designed to work in tandem with your existing SIS by covering the areas it may not address, such as flexible attendance and schedules outside the classroom.

While your SIS is great at managing period attendance, tracking attendance for events, flex time, and other non-classroom activities can be a challenge for schools. This is where our flexible attendance solution comes in, allowing you to manage all student check ins outside the classroom.

Consolidate attendance with one solution

Managing student schedule changes requires less administrative time

Customize check in reasons to fit your specific needs

The central dashboard provides an overview of all check-in

Monitor late arrivals, early dismissals, and flex times

Campus access management

Know who’s on campus with a centralized check in management tool that boosts security

As safety concerns continue to rise in the education industry, a robust solution that ensures safety and security on campus is essential. Our simple and customizable check in module provides you with real-time visibility of student location, allowing you to know where every accounted-for student should be. With our solution, you can feel confident that every student on campus is allowed to be there, and every student off campus has permission to leave.

Monitor which students are on and off campus in real-time

Approve which students can leave campus

Access real-time and previous attendance data for enhanced monitoring

Create check in privileges for specific groups to increase security

Generate easy-to-understand 7-day reports to help you identify attendance trends

Useful for emergency campus check ins

Student Check In Dashboard for daily attendance

Streamlined event check in

Simplify student check in for extracurricular attendance and reporting

Tired of juggling multiple tools for managing extracurricular events and attendance? Minga’s check-in module simplifies the process by consolidating everything in one place. Easily generate attendance reports and see who signed in and out of each event, ensuring you have accurate records for real-time or future reference.

Effortlessly check students into events by scanning their student ID

Quickly identify if a student should be attending the event

Streamline the check-in process to create a faster and more efficient system

Track attendance for incentivization programs by adding points to check ins

Automatically synchronize student and staff rosters with your Student Information System

Our partners for, Digital student ID card, Digital Hall Pass, student behavior, tardies, school communication app, FlexTime, School check in, and more.
Our partners for, Digital student ID card, Digital Hall Pass, student behavior, tardies, school communication app, FlexTime, School check in, and more.

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See how you can increase campus safety with secure and real-time check-in

“I had 2 employees who were spending up to 5 hours of work a week on putting out a list for off-campus lunch that I now spend 5 min on. They don’t even touch the list anymore.”

Wallace Shearer
Assistant Principal, Sunnyside High

FAQs on Student Check In

No. But when managed correctly it’s easy to see where students were assigned to go once they left the classroom.

Never. Minga Check in only reports when a student checks out of class, and back in. We do not physically track students whereabouts, ever.

This is Minga’s only module that requires the use of a Digital ID in order to scan and identify students upon arrival and departure.

Currently Minga does not do visitor check in or verification but this is Coming Soon to Minga.

The answer is yes, technically. The Check In Module can tell you which students are accounted for at what time. So by creating a recurring daily schedule, students are able to check into their period blocks upon arrival. Although Minga is not a substitute for your specific classroom attendance. We are able to report on periods such as first, second, lunch and so on, but not specificities like whether or not a particular student should be in Senior Math during 3rd period, only that they attended 3rd period.