Powering School Engagement

The easiest and most inclusive way to engage your entire school community.

See why so many teachers choose Minga.

Simplify and Streamline
School Communication

Forget the layers of emails, message boards, fliers and posters, social media groups, and single-use apps; Minga is the one place to share everything.
news – events – announcements – polls

A school app that sends notifications and alerts

Connect Directly to Every Staff,
Student, and Parent

Drive engagement across your school community through interactive features. Instantly reach members of your community.
notifications – @mentions – web – mobile 

Create a Safe and
Intentional Digital Space

MInga is built for schools so it meets data and privacy requirements, and uses custom AI to filter both content and context. Welcome technology into your school without the worries related to unsafe social sites.
moderation – SEL programs – reporting

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See why so many teachers choose Minga.