Your One-Stop-Shop for everything outside the classroom.

Your One-Stop-Shop for everything outside the classroom.

Minga is a hub for everything extracurricular. Let us improve your safety and security, student engagement, and consolidate the way you run your campus.

All-In-One Student Engagement Platform - Minga
A Student Engagement Platform
Trusted and Loved by 100+ Schools and 150,000+ Students

All you need is Minga

Connect with students and improve safety

Minga provides all the tools needed to increase student engagement and be a digital home for your entire campus community. By innovating your tool set you have an opportunity to make school life rewarding and safe.

Step 1: Replace those Old School Passes

The first step is to digitize your school IDs and hall passes. Not only have you improved campus safety, but you have also merged these two tools into one app that is being used every day.

Modules: Digital Student IDs andΒ Digital Hall Passes

Step 2: Unite your School Community

With your entire student body on one reliable platform, you can reach them school-wide or personally to bring awareness to events, activities, or anything extracurricular happening within your school community.

Modules: Community & CommunicationΒ 

Step 3: Connect and Reward Students

By measuring and monitoring student engagement and behaviours, you have created an environment that rewards students who are excelling and helps guide the ones who require more attention.

Modules: PBIS and Tracking

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Digital Student IDs

An ID Students Will Never Forget

Digital Student IDs are available from any device, instantly. No more printing. Instantly manage stickers and validations.

Thank you, thank you for developing this! Minga is amazing.”

Julie Pocino, Activities Director,
Bonita Highschool, CA
Digital Student ID card from Minga

Digital Hall Passes

Reduce Hallway-Related Issues & Incidents

Administer, manage and track hall passes across your entire campus. Control and report on usage. Record student movement.

Minga allows us to do so much more with our student activities! ”

Mary Hazdovac, Activities Director,
K. Albani Middle School, CA
Digital Hall Pass Module on the phone app

Community & Communication

Reach All of Your Students in One Place

One platform for all student communication. Consolidated extracurricular calendar. Manage and organize student clubs and athletics.

We manage all our 80+ clubs on campus all in Minga.”

Bonnie Bagherie, Activities Director,
San Marco High school, CA
School communication app for K12 and high schools


Track and Report on Student Behavior and Engagement

Event & Attendance check-in and recording. Rewards and track points. Foster fun competition.

Now we are using Minga for it all and it’s so easy. It’s a one-stop-shop for school culture and climate.”

Katie Baker, ASB & Activities Director,
Redlands High School, CA
PBIS Rewards and Tracking Student Behavior

Check in

Track Daily Attendance for Everything Outside the Class

Know where every student is at all times. Flexibly track any activity outside of the regular schedule and increase campus safety.

We love the confetti when you check in at an event! Students and staff always get excited when they see it pop up on their phones.”

Julia Pocin0, ASB & Activities Director,
Bonita High School, CA
Check in iphone white
Students using their cell phone to access their digital student ID cards

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