Minga School Communication App

Activate and Engage Your School Community

Minga is a virtual platform that helps schools create passionate communities of educators, students and parents.


One easy-to-use platform for communication with and between all your educators, students and families.


Deliver challenges, activities and learning topics to energize and engage your students.


Teach online health and safety on a safe and healthy online platform with Minga. 🙂

Your platform for creating great school communities.

Minga is a powerful online community platform with all the tools amazing schools need to build, manage and engage their community. At home or in the hallway, Minga brings your educators, students and parents together.

You’ve got online tools for your classroom. For everything else there’s Minga.

Minga is ONE place for everything happening at school outside of the classroom. Clubs. Groups. Athletics. Events. Activities. Fundraisers. Leadership. PTA.

Replace all the unsafe, rogue messaging apps and social media being used in school.

There are 15 unsafe apps being used between teachers, students and parents in the average middle and high school. It’s not just dangerous, it’s confusing and difficult to manage for everyone. Minga is safer, easier and better.

Minga School Spotlight

Katherine Albiani Middle School,
Elk Grove, CA

Learn from the best! See how Donna McNeel and Mary Hazdovac from KAMS create an amazing school climate and culture in a virtual world.

Minga School Communication App

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