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to Manage Your Hallways, Tardies, Behaviors, Events
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Stop using spreadsheets and paper to run your school! Switch to Minga for easy, streamlined school management. Focus on student success, not on paperwork!

Redefining Operations for K12 Schools

1000 + Schools  |  300 + Districts  |  10 Million Hall Passes Issued

1000+ Schools
300 + Districts
10 Million Hall Passes Issued

1000 + Schools | 300 + Districts | 10 Million Hall Passes Issued

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A Powerful Platform that
Saves Your School Time & Money

Minga is your all-in-one solution for bringing school operations into the digital age. Forget about the old days of paper, spreadsheets, and time-consuming manual tasks. With Minga, things like hall passes, school check in, tardy slips, behavior reports, rewards, and flex periods are all a breeze. This means less busy work for staff and more time spent on helping students succeed.

Safety & Security

Safeguard & Streamline Student
Movement Both On & Off Campus

Elevate campus security and operational efficiency with a platform that digitizes School IDs, Hall Passes, and Attendance.

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Behavior & rewards

Enhance Student Accountability, Attendance
& Reward Positive Behavior

An easy-to-use Tardy, Behavior & Rewards Module that encourages and incentivizes positive student conduct.

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Community & engagement

Create a Unique Campus Community
& Boost School Spirit

Empower seamless school communication, event management, and personalized learning – all to ignite student engagement.

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Stop the admin grind with spreadsheets and paper passes. Embrace Minga and gain more time for nurturing student success.


Manage & Reduce Tardies


Reduce Bathroom Meet-Ups


School Event Management
The Underlying Impact of
Tardiness in K-12 Schools
The Underlying Impact of
Tardiness in K-12 Schools

Built for Modern K12 Schools

Goodbye Spreadsheets,
Hello Student Success

Minga is a Campus Management Platform for the modern K12 school to enhance the efficiency, security, and accountability of day-to-day operations.

Trusted by 1000+ Schools

Trusted by 1000’s of Schools

Jeremy Fiftal
School Administrator,
Stamford High, CT, USA

“The digital IDs were an instant fix. We had hardly any kids with an ID to almost every single kid with an ID. It really helps the campus safety aspect — knowing everybody who’s in the building and having these photos that are up to date.”

Josh Rutherford
Houston County High School, TN, USA

“Giving kids a lot more choice in their schedules has given them the opportunity to do something that’s their doing. It removes that level of control in education — now the kids are choosing where they’d like to go.”

Andrew Lambo
Assistant Principal,
Danbury High School, CT, USA

“Hallway traffic is down — we credit that to using Minga to its fullest potential. We’re able to restrict passes. We notice a group of kids always getting together, so we add them to the No Party Group list.”

Anne Ortiz
Finance and Resource Director,
Edge High School, AZ, USA

“After Minga, when I checked after we had implemented FlexTime for only about eight weeks, we were over 40% of that make-up time having actually been made up!”