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The One-Stop Shop For Everything Outside The Classroom

Boost Engagement, Culture, Communication and Retention.

Activities Directors

Boost Participation. Track Engagement. Run Challenges.

ASB & Leadership

Connect your student body and power student voice.

Athletics Directors

Drive game attendance and manage teams in one place.

Club Advisors

Increase club engagement and keep everyone organized.

Trusted and Loved  by 100+ Schools and 150,000+ Students

Everything in ONE PLACE.

All things extra-curricular in one easy-to-use place. Promote events and activities. Drive challenges and pledges. Connect your community together.

An Easy Way To Manage Every Group On Campus.

Athletics, clubs and school groups are fun. Managing and organizing all the everyone is not. Minga makes it easy. Create a group and add or invite your students and families. Post meeting, practice and game schedules. Send updates and reminders. Share forms and files. Collect health checks.

Measure And Track Student Involvement.

Get real-time data on engagement across campus. Assign points for positive behaviors. Run contests by class or house team. Redeem points for rewards.

Deliver And Measure School Challenges

Challenge and engage your student body to boost school spirit, improve climate and culture, and develop amazing school citizenship.

What is Minga?

Minga is all about school community!

The definition of Minga:

A collaborative effort in which people contribute their time, their work, their motivation, or their knowledge to achieve a shared goal for the betterment of the community. Every contribution, no matter the size, is received with gratitude.

Minga School Communication App

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