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Whole New Level

The all-in-one school community platform for activities and everything extra curricular.

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Build Community and Streamline Communication
Drive and Measure Involvement and Participation
Integrated School and Student Tools

One Place to Connect
With Every Student

A private digital community for your entire school where every student is safe, has a voice, and belongs.

Build meaningful connections with students with digital challenges, polls and features.

One Place To Communicate
Everything Extra Curricular

An interactive and easy to use events platform where you can promote all your events and activities to every student.

Promote, manage and organize every club, team, and other extra curricular group with Minga’s simple and effective Groups platform.

One Place To
Drive & Measure Involvement

Track attendance at events and activities and measure involvement in clubs and athletics and make future decisions based on data.

Award points for getting involved and create team, class and individual leaderboards based on competition and fun.

One Place With All Your
Student Tools and Resources

Manage your student ID’s and memberships easily and in real time with Minga’s Student ID platform.

Manager event attendees and promote, sell and manage virtual tickets and admission.

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