Minga School Communication App

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Whole New Level

Build school community and culture with the Minga school spirit App.

Simplify and Improve Student Communication
Increase Attendance at Events and Activities
Create Fun Competitions and Rewards

One Place To Connect
With Everyone

A private social networking platform to connect everyone in your community together in one place.

Simple. Inclusive. Safe. 

Create a space where students have a voice on campus with conversation prompts, challenges, polls, surveys, comments and more.

One Place For
All Your Activities & Events

Your Minga events calendar makes it easy for students to see what’s going on at school, sign up for events, buy tickets and get notification reminders.

Show off all your clubs, athletics and performing arts opportunities and make it easy for students to explore their interests and find communities they can connect with.

One Place To
Drive & Measure Involvement

Track attendance at events and activities and measure involvement in clubs and athletics and make future decisions based on data.

Award points for getting involved and create team, class and individual leaderboards based on competition and fun.

One Place With
All Your School Spirit Resources

Take advantage of our library of digital activities and ideas so you can get started making a big impact with Minga right away.

Join one of our weekly, interactive training seminars for great ideas, resources, ask questions, or just say hi.

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Minga School Communication App

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