Foster Community with Campus Wide points

Ignite School Spirit with Student Rewards & Points

A campus-wide points and student rewards program can significantly enhance the educational experience and make your school feel more connected. Empower students to grow, learn, and excel by creating an environment where they feel secure and actively involved in their campus community.

Boost Motivation Through Recognition & Incentives

Unlock Your Students’ Full Potential

Minga’s points and student rewards system is designed to incentivize learning and positive behavior. By converting students’ efforts into tangible rewards and opportunities for peer recognition, we boost their motivation to learn and participate actively. This gamified approach not only encourages fun within the educational experience but also promotes the development of critical soft skills like collaboration, responsibility, and leadership.

How to run a successful Points & Rewards program with Minga:

Getting everyone on the same page is the key to building community. Figure out what the ultimate objective of your Points and Rewards program is. Every school will have different priorities when incentivizing behavior at school. Here are some objectives to consider:

  • Encourage positive behavior
  • Improve event attendance
  • Increase school participation
  • Reduce tardiness, vandalism, or bullying

This is a great way to promote involvement and create healthy competition in your school community. Creating teams by classes or grades is an easy place to start. 

The leaderboard is an easy way for everyone to see how different teams are doing and is a great place for peer recognition. Admins can decide who can manage Points & Rewards. (An individual leaderboard is also available.) 

Points earned within Minga can be redeemed for Rewards to provide incentives for participation, engagement, and positive behaviors. Once a student has accumulated enough points to earn a Reward, you can go to Teacher Tools to redeem the points.

For instance, if someone has done something awesome 3 times in a row, they will automatically get assigned points for their actions. Admins can set up this automation so students can automatically be rewarded, and can send notifications to teachers or parents.

See how points & student rewards appear in Minga

Students Can Redeem Points at Your School Store

Tangible Rewards Create a Sense of Achievement

When students are able to witness their academic efforts and positive behavior translate into something concrete – such as points they can exchange for physical items at the school store – it creates a powerful, self-reinforcing feedback loop that continually encourages positive behavior. This feature of our points and rewards program is not focused on material outcomes and instant gratification, though. These tangible rewards teach students the value of hard work, persistence, and discipline. 

Active Involvement Creates a Strong Campus Culture

Build a Connected School Community

Our campus-wide points program goes beyond individual student rewards – it’s about building a strong and connected school community. The points system allows for group rewards that promote collaboration, teamwork, and school spirit. It also serves as a medium for students, teachers, and parents to celebrate shared successes, strengthening the sense of togetherness and common purpose. While tangible items – such as swag – provide a great, temporary sense of achievement, peer recognition can offer deeper, long-lasting benefits that contribute significantly to a student’s overall development.

How to use Minga’s Behavior & Rewards module to bring your school community together:

This fosters a sense of friendly competition and engagement. Focus on team-based incentives per month or per semester, and celebrate these on your main feed!

Post about team wins on the main feed and consider rewarding these teams with a prize they can participate in. A pizza and ice cream at lunch is a great way to celebrate.

Reward students who actively participate in school events and activities or respond to polls and challenges – allowing them to earn points for their involvement.

While celebrating team achievements fosters community, remember to recognize individual efforts as well. Reward positive behavior by assigning Praise and Points to students. We do recommend that this is kept to only around 10% of available points given out at school so that the main focus remains on community participation.

Launch a Student Rewards Program

A rewards program can enrich education, engage the campus community, skyrocket student accountability, and improve academic performance.

“I love hearing students and staff use phrases like ‘get your Minga out’ or ‘show your Minga ID’ to earn ‘bear points’. It’s exciting to hear kids talk about it in the halls and shows they’re truly engaged in school.”

Lea Smith – Associate Principal
Merced Union High, CA,

Ignite School Spirit with Points and Rewards

A campus-wide points and student rewards program can significantly enhance the educational experience and make your school feel more connected.