Digital Student IDs

Say hello to M-ID. The future of Digital Student ID cards.

Minga Digital Student ID fits right in and plays it cool by offering the most accessible and secure solution that’s beyond a student ID card.

Digital Student ID card from Minga.

Physical Student IDs are so Last Semester

Embrace Digital IDs and experience a new
standard in safety and efficiency.

No printing is required. Ever. We mean – ever!

Digital Student IDs are available from any device, instantly.

Real-time updates to the card make these more secure than physical IDs.

Easily manage Student IDs, photos and settings.

Minga Digital Student ID Card showing stickers.

Say goodbye to printing and distributing Student ID’s

The Digital Student ID card students will never lose. Easier to manage, produce and distribute for Admin. More accessible and flexible for Students and always available for Teachers and Staff.

Students have instant access to their student ID.

Digital means no printing or reprinting.

Instantly add or remove stickers and validations.

Accessible from any device.

Minga Digital Student ID module admin area.

Digital Student ID cards can be launched on registration day with ease.

Imagine a registration day where all your students will get student IDs right away! Adding, updating, restricting and archiving ID cards has never been easier.

Setup takes less than 30 minutes with single sign on.

Automatically synchronize photos with student accounts.

Easily add Digital ID stickers to students or groups.

Consolidate multiple student cards and pass into one.

Brochure Download

See how Digital Student IDs can easily replace your old Plastic Cards.

Testimonial for Minga Digital Student ID, Digital Hall Pass, and Student communication and engagement.

Wait There Is Still More!

ID Numbers & Scannable Barcodes

Easily Sync ID numbers from your SIS, upload a CSV or manually add a student.

We work with all the major barcodes so your in-house scanner will do just fine. You can also use Minga’s built in app scanner so no extra equipment is required.

Extra Security

Fraud prevention is one of our top concerns, with our Digital IDs each card displays an animated hologram and a running clock of the current time.

Accessible Hotlines or Emergency Phone Numbers

Flip the digital ID over and all your support hotlines and custom links or phone numbers are available for your students for quick access and one tap contact.

Brand to Your School

Customize our Digital ID solution to match your schools branding. This includes school colors, logos and even grade level.

FAQs on Digital Student ID Cards

Student using the Minga Digital Student ID Card in school.

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