Digital Student ID Cards

An ID Card Students
Will Never Forget

Introducing Minga’s Digital Student ID Card, the most secure, reliable and flexible student ID for today’s modern campus.

Minga Digital Student ID Card comes with an intuitive student ID dashboard so you can manage all student IDs.
Minga Digital Student ID Card comes with an intuitive student ID dashboard so you can manage all student IDs.

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Physical Student IDs are so Last Semester

Digital Student ID Cards are available from any device, offline or online, instantly.

Easily manage Student IDs, photos, and settings.

No printing is required. Ever. We mean – ever!

Real-time updates to the Digital ID makes them more secure than physical IDs.

Security & Safety

Ensure Campus Safety with Minga’s Digital Student ID Card

Combat fraud with Minga’s Advanced Anti-counterfeit features so you feel confident that students are exactly who their Student ID says they are, making counterfeit IDs a thing of the past. Digital Student ID Cards are authenticated in real-time so ID privileges are revoked when a student leaves your school or is suspended.

Empower Students with Direct Access to Emergency Resources: With tap-to-text and tap-to-call features, easily available when students need them the most.

Β Integrates with other systems on campus

Β IDs are authenticated in real time

Β National Fraud Protection standards

Β One touch access to emergency resources

Β Tamper and unauthorized access proof

Β Integrates seamlessly with Google and Microsoft


Unlock the Potential of Your Campus with the Most Reliable Digital Student ID

Student IDs play a crucial role in maintaining campus safety, managing student movement, and organizing events. But traditional ID cards can be easily forgotten or lost, compromising campus security. With Minga’s, Digital ID students can access their ID from the one thing they NEVER forget, their phone. Even better, staff can easily access any student’s ID from their own mobile device, ensuring maximum security and convenience. With Minga’s Digital Student ID Card, you can ensure that your campus is always safe, connected, and engaged.

Β Available as an App for Apple and Android devices, or from any modern browser.

Β Accessible with or without WiFi or mobile data.

Β Admin and staff access to every ID through the ID Dashboard.

Β Universal Barcodes integrate with scanners and other campus programs.

Β Digital Student ID Cards are created and updated instantly.

Β Available from any device and never have to be replaced.


Empower Your Campus with Real-time Student ID Updates and Management

Going digital with Minga gives you the ability to add or update important information on ID cards from the central Admin dashboard.

Streamline your ID management and easily add or remove stickers from IDs that reflect special or restricted privileges. Update student photos after retakes or picture day or change ID designs and colors. Experience the flexibility and convenience of instant updates and customizations…the possibilities are endless:

Β Real time updates across all Digital Student ID Cards

Β No more printing or reprinting of Student ID cards

Β Merge multiple student cards and passes into one

Β Easily managed from one central dashboard

Β Instantly add or remove stickers and validations

Β Setup takes under 30 minutes with single sign on

Β Add Digital ID stickers to individual students or groups.

Β Customize our Digital ID to match your schools branding

Β Automatically sync student info from your SIS

Β Customize ID color by grade

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See how Digital Student ID cards can easily replace your old plastic cards.

Digital Student ID
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“The scanner works a million times better than our old ones, it just automatically enters everything and accurately counts and keeps track of our kids.”

Julie Pocino, Activities Director,
Bonita Highschool, CA

FAQs on Digital Student ID Cards

You can add your school logos, and customize colors of the Student ID to match the branding of your school.


This allows students to have constant reliable access to a Student ID at any given time. It also allows quick access to helplines if the students need these resources.

NO you will not need data or access to the internet in order to view your student ID.

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