Digital ID Cards: 5 Reasons to Switch

The evolution of technology has touched nearly every facet of our lives, and the world of academia is no exception. As we steer towards a digitized future, clinging to the past often means missing out on innovations that offer convenience, security, and efficiency. Traditional hard-copy ID cards, while familiar, are rapidly being overshadowed by their digital counterparts.

Beyond the inevitability of a digital shift, there are tangible benefits that Digital ID Cards bring to the table.

Imagine a world where students can access their ID cards from any device, anytime, and anywhere—ensuring both convenience and heightened security. No more waiting for registration to complete; students get their IDs right from day zero, eliminating the need for any printing. Plus, with real-time updates, gone are the days of outdated stickers and badges. School administrators benefit too, with a dashboard designed for easy roster viewing. And perhaps most significantly, the ability to integrate safety features directly within these cards offers an added layer of student support.

Predictions suggest that by 2025, Digital ID Cards will set the benchmark in the industry. So, why wait to adapt? In this post, we’ll explore five compelling reasons to make the switch now and ensure your institution is ahead of the curve.

So here are 5 reasons to switch to Digital ID Cards now.

Digital ID Cards
  1. No more printing. EVER. Can you imagine a registration day without any hassle of printing or distributing? All students have a valid ID immediately from day 1? Sound nice doesn’t it? This is a reality with Digital ID Cards because photos and student lists can be easily uploaded to Minga to have IDs ready on registration day, or whenever is convenient for you.
  2. Let’s talk about safety. Many institutions across America are making the switch from plastic to digital, because of its numerous safety benefits. Minga Digital Student ID Cards offer real-time updates to the ID to make them far more secure than any physical ID card. Not to mention the anti-fraud protection that helps staff decipher if an ID is real or fake within seconds of looking at it… AKA a running GIF across the screen to see that the ID is live and streaming through the Minga App. But it’s not just about preventing misuse. Minga’s customizable cards go a step further, providing vital resources at a student’s fingertips. Whether it’s immediate access to crucial hotlines during times of crisis or avenues for support, Minga ensures that safety is comprehensive, encompassing both prevention and aid.
  3. Now to the fun stuff. Once you switch to Minga’s Digital Student ID Cards, you will have a simple dashboard where you have access to all Digital Student IDs at once and change or edit any settings and preferences you need to. You can even customize your school’s ID to fit your colors and have your logo attached to it. Minga offers the ability to deactivate any IDs either through search or list upload. It’s easy to view which IDs are currently Active, Inactive, have No Photo, or have a Temp Photo. Exporting any of these lists is just as easy.
  4. Adding and removing stickers and validations has never been so easy. Minga offers a variety of pre-made stickers as well as the option to upload your own. You can upload stickers to specific groups in Minga with special privileges, and even assign stickers to lists or individual students. Once a sticker has served its purpose it can be deactivated or deleted.
  5. Navigating student life is already intricate, so why add to the complexity with multiple cards and passes? Embrace the convenience of merging everything into a single digital ID. And here’s the best part: these Digital Student IDs can be accessed from ANY device. With such seamless integration and accessibility, the real question is, why haven’t you switched yet?

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