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Platform Overview Brochure

Your All-in-One Campus Management Platform

Welcome to your one-stop shop for revolutionizing all school administration beyond the classroom.

  Consolidate software solutions to reduce costs
  Robust software training and support
  Integrate smoothly with your existing SIS
  Streamline workflows for increased efficiency

Digital Student ID Brochure

An ID Card Students Will Never Forget

Introducing Minga’s Digital Student ID Card, the most secure, reliable and flexible student ID for today’s modern campus.

  ID cards are accessible from any device
  Real-time updates
  Assign Stickers and Validations
  No printing or reprinting.

Digital Hall Pass Brochure

Take Back Control Of Your Hallways

Meet the Minga Digital Hall Pass, the most flexible, effective, and easy-to-use hall pass solution for today’s modern campus.

  Decrease vandalism and vaping
  Have students spend more time in class
  Set up specific group hall pass restrictions
  Gain detailed data into all hallway usage

Student Check In Brochure

Simplify Attendance Tracking

Remove the hassle of manual attendance tracking. With Minga’s Check In Module, you can easily track student attendance for all non-classroom activities.

  Increase campus safety & security
  Flexible for activity schedules
  Simplify extracurricular attendance
  See status of every student on campus

Behavior & Rewards Brochure

Enhance Student Accountability & Improve Behavior

Introducing the only behavior platform designed specifically for high schools. Track tardies, report and measure behavior, and motivate students through a rewards-based system.

  Tardy Management
  Rewards & Incentives
  Behavior Tracking
  Detention Management

Community and Communication Brochure

Strengthening Community. Increasing Engagement.

Manage events, clubs, polls, and anything extracurricular with the Community and Communication Module, and watch as participation levels rise.

  Send School Wide Messaging or Alerts
  Interactive Calendar & Events
  Direct Message Students & Staff
  Polls & Surveys

FlexTime Brochure

Flex Periods Made Easy

Minga’s FlexTime Module empowers high schools to create and customize activity periods with effortless ease. A streamlined way to nurture unique student interests with personalized activity opportunities.

  Quickly schedule flex periods and activities
  Easily create activity templates
  Streamline student registration and attendance
  Assign rosters to any scheduled activity