Digital Hall Passes

The breakthrough M-Pass is your new digital hall pass superhero.

With Mingas Digital Hall Pass you will get better at managing hallway and bathroom usage while having less distraction in class.

The Future Hits the Hallways.

Upgrade to Digital Hall Passes for your high school and take control of vandalism, vaping, and other out-of-classroom issues.

Monitor total time outside of the classroom.

Integrated into every student’s Digital ID card.

Increase hallway and campus safety.

Monitor every hall pass from central dashboard.

Take control of your hallways, bathrooms, and everything in-between with a modern Digital Hall Pass

Prevent vandalism, vaping, and other out-of-classroom issues by easily monitoring and managing Hall Pass usage and privileges.

Digital Hall Passes can easily be created by students or teachers.

Set group or individual limits and restrictions.

Monitor every Hall Pass from central dashboard.

Enable students to spend more time in class

Monitor and report on hall pass usage by pass type or by student usage to quickly identify problematic trends.

Setup takes less than 30 minutes.

Measure and report on usage and trends.

Track hall pass usage by hallway time.

Manage usage for individuals or groups.

Create custom hall pass types to fit your requirements.

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Learn how Digital Hall Passes can reduce bathroom vaping and vandalism by up to 85%

It’s been super easy and user friendly for me. I love it.”

David Castle, ASB Teacher,
Kastner Intermediate School, CA

Prevent school vandalism and student incidents with a modern digital hall pass solution.

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Hall Pass Limits

Add frequent offenders to No Hall Pass Lists. Set warnings on the number of Hall Passes a student can have in a day.

No Party Groups

Control interactions with No Party Lists. You can block 2 or more students from being in the hallway at the same time.

Transfer Passes

Track interventions with transfer passes, feel confident you know students arrived.

Crowd Control

Control crowds with maximum numbers of hall passes given at any time.

FAQs on Digital Hall Passes

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