Digital Hall Pass

Take Back Control
of Your Hallways

Meet the Minga Digital Hall Pass, the most flexible, effective, and easy-to-use hall pass solution for today’s modern campus.

Digital Hall Pass; Access detailed reports on hall pass usage.
Digital Hall Pass; Access detailed reports on hall pass usage.


Reduce hall traffic now: 3 steps to cut time spent in the hallway by 50%

Why going digital
is perfect for hall passes

Define ONE hall pass workflow for your entire campus

Manage hallway access by the student, time, reason, location and more

Gain detailed visibility into all aspects of hallway usage

Drive hallway accountability for students and staff

Digital Hall Pass; eliminate paper passes and reduce classroom interruption.
Campus safety & efficiency

Increase safety in the hallway and efficiency in the classroom with a Digital Hall Pass

Digital hall passes are a must for modern schools. Define and enforce the way hall passes are approved and used on campus, eliminate paper passes, and reduce classroom interruption.

  Be ready to start on campus in less than a week

  Streamline and simplify hall pass processes

 Easy workflows for admin, teachers, and students

  Control crowds with a max number of hall passes issued


Real-time monitoring and reporting of your hallways in the Digital Hall Pass dashboard

Minga’s real-time hallway dashboard gives staff visibility into every active digital hall pass on campus, while the powerful reporting engine lets admins quickly gain insights into hallway use and abuse.

  Real-time and auto-updating dashboard

  Drill-down reporting interface with unlimited history

  A detailed record of every electronic hall pass used on campus, forever

  Personalize passes for specific student groups

 Live countdown timers increase student accountability — learn how Merced High used Minga’s hall pass solution to achieve this

Digital Hall Pass admin dashboard is real time data you can see from any device.
Digital Hall Pass can be customized to fit your school pass types.

The most secure hall pass solution on the market

Unwanted behaviors such as violence, vandalism, and vaping in high school can be swiftly addressed through hall pass management. Minga lets you implement simple limits and restrictions to increase hallway safety, increase instruction time, and eliminate hallway abuse for good.

  Set up blackout schedules between class periods

  Set campus-wide, pass type, or location limits (need help to reduce bathroom meet-ups)

  Stop certain students from being in the hallway together

  Automatically synchronize student and staff rosters with your Student Information System

  Set blackout periods to prevent pass creation at specific times

Automatically synchronize student and staff rosters with your Student Information System

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Learn how Digital Hall Passes can reduce bathroom vaping and vandalism by up to 85%.

“It’s been super easy and user friendly for me. I love it.”

David Castle, ASB Teacher,
Kastner Intermediate School, CA

FAQs on Digital Hall Passes

No. But when managed correctly it’s easy to see where students were assigned to go once they left the classroom.


If your settings are enabled for students to create their own passes you can also manage how many passes they can create in a day. This way students who abuse the system will no longer be able to create their own passes.

No, as long as the hall pass has been approved you will be able to identify what hall pass has been created, how much time is left and which student it has been assigned too. This is all done through the dashboard.

Never. Minga Hall passes only track when a student checks out of class, and back in. We do not physically track students whereabouts, ever.

Funny you should ask. Check out how we compare to SmartPass and e-hallpass.