Minga Case Study

How Digital IDs and Digital Hall Passes Created a Culture of Safety at Channel Islands High

Discover how swapping old-school paper processes for Minga’s digital tools helped Channel Islands overcome the challenges of a complex quarter system, increase campus safety, and enhance student well-being.

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About Channel Islands High School

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The Challenge 

Effectively Managing Student Arrival and Dismissal in a Complex Quarter System

Channel Islands High operates on a quarter system that splits the school year into four terms. The school offers 12-16 classes each quarter, allowing students to attend up to four periods a day. However, due to staffing constraints, some students might not have a full schedule every day, every quarter — leading to times during the 1st and 4th periods when they may not have a lesson.

The school’s intricate schedule led to students wandering around the campus without direction, while staff struggled to efficiently verify if kids were supposed to be in class. Channel Island’s system for 1st period admission — using physical stickers on student IDs — was also inefficient and ineffective because there were so many schedule changes every quarter. It wasn’t just the stickers that were problematic; the physical IDs also posed issues, as the cards were never printed in time for the start of the school year, and were often lost or forgotten by students.


Lost or forgotten IDs

Lack of oversight of student movement

No way to quickly and safely admit 600+ students each morning

Printed IDs would never arrive on time for the start of the school year

Physical ID stickers were cumbersome and difficult to keep updated

Paper-based hall pass procedures were ineffective and inefficient

Safely admitting around 600 students in the morning was a challenge. We’d use ID cards, but seeing as schedules change every quarter, we’d have to get all the IDs, remove the previous sticker, and add another sticker on it. And then there might be another schedule change and we’d be like, ‘Oh, no! Pull the sticker off, get them all back again!’ It wasn’t practical.”

Wendi Butler, Channel Islands High School

Wendi Butler
Assistant Principal

The Solution

Digital Tools That Enhance Operations and Promote Fairness in School Procedures

Assistant Principal, Wendi Butler, masterfully orchestrated the adoption of Minga at Channel Islands High. She introduced digital IDs in the school’s first year with the software — and now 95% of students use their cell phones to access their ID cards, with the remaining few using their school-issued Chromebooks. In addition, the shift from the old, physical ID stickers has significantly alleviated the admin headaches of managing the arrival and dismissal of over 2,500 students each day.

In their ongoing efforts to improve campus operations, Channel Islands introduced digital hall passes in their second year. The new system empowered the school to quickly and effectively reduce security issues on campus and swiftly phased out antiquated procedures — such as the large pieces of wood that were previously being used as hall passes! Helpful features, such as live countdown timers, and the ability to change hall pass colors and backgrounds, have also made pass management much easier for the admin team.

Channel Islands is committed to the safety and support of every student, with their digital hall pass system being pivotal in addressing varied student needs. The school’s gender-sensitive policy, allowing two hall passes per day for boys and three for girls, considers the distinct restroom needs of girls during puberty. Additionally, the system incorporates flexibility for students who might arrive late due to family responsibilities like dropping off younger siblings at school in the morning, showcasing the school’s understanding and accommodation of their students’ diverse life situations.

What Minga Offered:

Digital IDs with digital stickers that could easily be used for admittance or dismissal

Live countdown timers that clearly show when a student needs to be back in class

A digital hall pass system that provided clear visibility of movement — and no more pieces of wood being used as hall passes!

Student-created and teacher-approved hall passes

Best practices for hall pass workflows

Best practices for hall pass procedures

The ability to customize hall pass restrictions, based on specific student needs

Now, I look out at the quad and I don’t see anyone just wandering around anymore. I don’t have to fill my day with chasing around wandering students — they’re now far more aware of time.”

Wendi Butler, Channel Islands High School

Wendi Butler
Assistant Principal

The Outcomes

An Environment of Safety, Where Every Child Thrives

Digital Tools That Create Equality and Equity

Minga has helped Channel Islands create clear and equal procedures for all students, such as having a 10-minute limit on every hall pass. Simultaneously, the software maintains flexibility for students with unique needs, such as those arriving late after dropping their younger siblings off at school. This balance of uniformity and adaptability in Minga’s usage has ensured fair treatment and increased equity on campus.

Digital Tools That Foster a Culture of Safety and Understanding

Digital IDs and hall passes have not only boosted security on campus but also elevated emotional well-being. The hall pass system, particularly Minga’s student-created pass feature, has eased the anxiety female students once had when asking male teachers for restroom breaks. This has eliminated awkward interactions and fostered a more empathetic and trusting environment.

Stronger Student-Teacher Relationships

The digital tools have reduced friction between students and teachers. Previous conversations or arguments about students being able to leave the classroom are just no longer on the table. Kids can create their own pass easily, and the teacher has a clear dashboard that shows when they are expected back in class.

Increased Student Accountability, Keeping More Kids in Class

Digital hall passes, with live countdown timers, have skyrocketed student accountability and autonomy, leading to more kids getting back to class promptly and contributing to a less disruptive learning environment.

Increased Administrative Efficiency

Digital ID cards and hall passes have significantly streamlined administrative processes, saving valuable time and positively impacting school operations.

Clear Data on Student Movement

With clear dashboards and comprehensive data reports, the new hall pass system has empowered administrators to easily see where everyone is meant to be, at a glance — providing unparalleled clarity and oversight.

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Minga has exceeded expectations — the impact was more than I anticipated. I didn’t expect how extensively we could use the hall pass system for so many different things. And this has really helped to cut out the mystery about what these kids are doing.”

Wendi Butler, Channel Islands High School

Wendi Butler
Assistant Principal