School Communication App

Reach all your students in one place with a robust school communication app

Staying connected with your students outside the classroom is more essential than ever. With our Community Module you have a powerful school communication app everyone will want to use.

School communication app for K12 and high schools

Streamline All School Messaging Into One Place.

The average high school student is getting school related messages in 14 different ways. Adding MORE communication channels isn’t helping, in fact, it’s likely making it worse. It’s time to try a student communication app that’s different.

Send mass announcements, school wide messages, or school alerts.

Interactive school calendar and events.

Direct messaging for students and staff.

Collect feedback with polls and surveys.

Not only is Minga great School Communication App it can also be used for direct messages.
First Step for Digital IDs, Hall Passes, School communication, PBIS and Tracking.

Improve your school communication process and eliminate redundant apps.

Teachers, advisors, and coaches are using their own tools and platforms for their clubs, classes, groups, and teams. Students are so overwhelmed and confused that up to 84% of those messages are never even read.

Send messages to everyone or easily segment your audience.

Set group or individual limits and restrictions.

Unify messaging for clubs, groups and teams.

See who’s receiving and reading messages.

AI based message moderation and content reporting.

Push notifications ensure messages are read.

This School Communication App can also replace any school notification app you are using.
Second Step for Digital IDs, Hall Passes, School communication, PBIS and Tracking.

Start Creating Conversations That Matter.

Announcements, email, website, Instagram, text messaging, and the list goes on. It’s time to ditch the other platforms and use a unified student communication solution for everything outside the classroom.

One central feed for all school wide messaging.

Create school-wide meaningful conversations with Minga Challenges.

Create prompts that encourage students to share their voice.

Easily create a safe place to share comments, photos and videos.

Engage students on important global and social topics.

Create an online community where everyone belongs and feels safe.

Optional text messaging (SMS) module.

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See how Minga can easily replace all your school communication apps.

Minga helps you solve your communication issue because it’s NOT a communication platform. Students log in to use their ID, earn and redeem points, or buy a ticket to the game. Once they’re in Minga, then we can put important and engaging messages in front of them.”

Jason Richards, Founder, Minga

Privacy, Safety & Security Compliant

80% of the school communication apps used do not meet federal or state laws.

Β This exposes students, educators and administrators to many unnecessary risks.

Minga helps put your mind at ease by meeting the strictest standards for privacy and safety such as the California Student Data Privacy Agreement

FAQs on our School Communication App

Yes! For instance, coaches are able to create a private group for their team and use our various tools to schedule, communicate and strengthen the bond between players and other support systems. Keep track of schedules, players availability, fundraisers, parent involvement and much more.

Yes, however, the Minga admin will need to give special permissions to individual students to be able to send school-wide messages. And of course, those privileges can be taken away if misused.


You do not need wifi or data to access your Digital Student ID. Although you will need data or access to the internet in order to use the rest of the platform.

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