Community and Communication Platform

Strengthening Community.

Increasing Engagement.

Strengthening Community.

Increase Engagement.

Manage events, clubs, polls, and anything extracurricular with the Community and Communication Module, and watch as participation levels rise.

Streamline all school messaging into one place

The average high school student is getting school related messages in 14 different ways. Adding MORE communication channels isn’t helping, in fact, it’s likely making it worse. It’s time to try a student communication app that’s different.

Send mass announcements, school wide messages, or school alerts.

Interactive school calendar and events.

Direct messaging for students and staff.

Collect feedback with polls and surveys.

School communication app for school wide messaging or direct messaging.
Communication management

Improve your school communication process and eliminate redundant apps

Announcements, email, website, Instagram, text messaging, and the list goes on. Teachers, advisors, and coaches often use different platforms, leading to overwhelming and unopened messages for students. It’s time to ditch the other platforms and use a unified student communication solution for everything outside the classroom.

One central feed for all school-wide messaging

 Create groups or grade-specific messaging channels

 Extracurricular calendar personalized for every student

 Send messages and push notifications with read receipts

 AI-based message moderation and content reporting

 Optional text messaging (SMS) module

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Community building

Increase student participation with one tool

The magic of Minga is that students are already using it to access their Digital ID, which makes the student adoption of our community module immediate, along with the spikes in engagement and involvement. Create events, run polls, post pictures, assign badges, and watch as your school culture begins to change.

 Safely share comments, photos, documents and videos

 Create challenges, run polls, make announcements

 Effectively communicate with your campus during emergencies

 Promote all events and activities school-wide or by group

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school communication app and event management app in one place
One Place for All of Your School Events, events management and event ticketing.
Event management

One place for all of your school events

Minga’s event management feature makes it easy to plan and manage all your school events and activities, from school colors day to prom. You can automate many manual event management tasks with Minga, create engaging moments for attendees, and more.

Manage one-time and recurring events on an event calendar

Schedule promotional invitations to groups or the entire school

Use it for events that require a purchase and info on where to buy

Allow self-check-in using devices or quick check-in by admin

Invite non-student guests and assign them to students or staff

Easily track attendance and check out students for reporting purposes

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Brochure Download

See how Minga can easily replace all your school communication apps.

If you want to be able to communicate with your student body in a safe, fast, and effective manner, Minga is your tool.”

Desert Oasis High, NV
Chris James – Activities Director

FAQs on our School Communication App & Event Management Platform

Yes! For instance, coaches are able to create a private group for their team and use our various tools to schedule, communicate and strengthen the bond between players and other support systems. Keep track of schedules, players availability, fundraisers, parent involvement and much more.

Yes, however, the Minga admin will need to give special permissions to individual students to be able to send school-wide messages. And of course, those privileges can be taken away if misused.


You do not need wifi or data to access your Digital Student ID. Although you will need data or access to the internet in order to use the rest of the platform.

Funny you should ask. Check it out here