Minga Case Study

Building a Culture of Accountability, Engagement & Punctuality at Mayfair High

Discover how Mayfair High paved a path toward greater student success by updating inefficient processes, saying goodbye to destructive “TikTok behavior”, and strengthening its campus community.

of extra class time, over 1 month

decrease in tardy check ins

decrease in time out of the classroom

About Mayfair High

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The Challenge 

Combating Student Misconduct and Inefficient Processes

Mayfair High was having a hard time encouraging students to do the right thing. Heavily influenced by social media, kids were carrying out “TikTok challenges” at school which led to a growing problem with behavior management. In addition, repeated tardiness was difficult to manage and further aggravated by the fact that late students would be marked as tardy and then kept in a separate area for the remainder of the period, instead of being in class. 

On top of this, the school’s outdated processes made it hard to keep an eye on student movements outside the classroom. Kids often forgot or misplaced their IDs, and teachers were spending too much time writing out paper hall passes — making it hard to know who was where and creating safety concerns.


Lost or forgotten student IDs

Paper hall passes that were inefficient and ineffective

Lack of student accountability outside of class

Unable to effectively manage student behavior

Lack of a clear and equitable hall pass procedure

No visibility of student movement across the campus

A flawed tardy management system — leading to excessive loss of valuable classroom time

The hassle was dealing with physical pieces of paper all the time. We used to have zonal passes — meaning that if you were in a red zone, you had a red pass. But constantly having to reprint those or get them back into the teacher’s hands was a challenge. And then, what can you do with that stuff? You have no data with it. Getting anything like that would have to be done manually — which makes no sense.”

Sean Diaz, Principal
Mayfair High

The Solution

Digital Tools that Boost Classroom Time and Elevate Student Morale

Mayfair High initially embraced Minga to enhance ID verification and improve hall pass processes. The journey began with rolling out digital hall passes and quickly expanded to encompass a wider scope of administrative tasks and behavior management. The school has since introduced scanners to speed up check-ins and check-outs, and Minga’s efficient tardy management system has facilitated the launch of the “Tardy Blitz” initiative — allowing Mayfair to boost punctuality and increase time in the classroom. (Download the case study to find out more about the Trady Blitz strategy!)

Teachers are also enjoying Minga, using it creatively to engage students and groups with lively posts, recognize punctuality, and reward participation in school activities. Minga has also inspired the creation of a points and rewards system, which allows students to trade points for various school goodies. This has quickly become a hit, with the school awarding items such as homecoming tickets to the top Minga point earners, much to the delight of the students.

What Minga Offered:

A comprehensive campus management platform with a variety of integrated modules

An easy way to check students in and out of the buildings with digital IDs

A more efficient way to manage hall passes

Clear visibility of student movement

A tardy management system that reduces classroom disruption

A behavior and rewards module that encourages positive conduct and participation

The more that I look at the feed and see what my staff is doing with it, the more I’m happy with it and proud that they’re using it. We have a lot of club advisors on this campus, and I see a lot of clubs advertising their meetings on Minga.”

Sean Diaz, Principal
Mayfair High

The Outcomes

An Enhanced Campus Experience that Boosts Engagement & Culture

Streamlined Campus Management for Administrators

Replacing manual processes with an all-in-one platform has streamlined administration — saving considerable hours of admin time and enhancing operational efficiency.

Clear Data on Hall Pass Usage

The Hall Pass dashboard makes it easy to see where students are going on campus. It helps the school monitor how different passes are used and determine which ones are used most often.

A Vibrant Student Body

A student cabinet is actively engaged in creating content and facilitating discussions on the Minga feed — allowing Mayfair to boost student engagement. The platform is also used to gather feedback and amplify student voices.

Clear Rewards Data that Highlights Effective Student Engagement

Robust data on student rewards has helped the school secure extra funding by demonstrating the effectiveness of its student engagement initiatives.

Reduced Tardiness and Improved Attendance

Automation features have made it easy to encourage punctuality and get kids back into the classroom —  instead of roaming the halls between periods. This not only eases attendance management for teachers but also maximizes valuable learning time for students.

A Community Hub for School Announcements

Minga has become a virtual bulletin board and the main feed serves as a hub for news about campus life, all in one place. Additionally, Mayfair frequently uses Minga’s ‘Groups’ feature to sort students into specific grades, sporting groups, or clubs — ensuring that the right messages get to the right kids, at the right time.

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I was able to go to my PTS Association and say: “We have kids that are getting Minga points and other rewards. Is there any way that you could help support us?”

So now they’re funding some of the stuff that’s going into our school store. Plus, the district is funding some other rewards too. That wouldn’t be possible without all the data.”

Sean Diaz, Principal
Mayfair High