Minga Case Study

How Minga Empowered Sanger West to Build On-Campus Connections

Mastering the shift from online classrooms to in-person learning isn’t an easy feat. But by fully embracing Minga’s points and rewards system, Sanger West reinforced positive behaviors and created a strong sense of community — which was instrumental in shaping a vibrant culture for a school that was previously virtual.

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About Sanger West High

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The Challenge 

Creating a Vibrant, In-Person Learning Environment, After Being 100% Virtual

Established during the pandemic in August 2020, Sanger West is a brand new, comprehensive school that is celebrating its very first graduating class in 2024! Staff at this new institution had the advantage of building their administrative foundation from scratch — heavily leveraging digital tools when they first opened as a virtual-only school. But they’ve since transitioned to in-person instruction and some new, on-site challenges have arisen.

The team grappled with having to use way too many software tools across different departments. In addition, the process of handwriting tardy passes was extremely cumbersome. These inefficient ways of working consumed valuable teacher time, taking away precious moments that could have been better spent building relationships with students — a crucial consideration for a school that was invested in cultivating a strong, face-to-face learning environment.


The use of multiple software tools that didn’t talk to each other

Time-consuming check in and tardy procedures involving manual processes

The need for a comprehensive tool to promote events and engage students

We were using a lot of different websites, software, and apps in order to do what Minga does, all in one place. We wondered — can we actually do all of this under one roof and make things so much better, more seamless, and easier for our kids?”

Madison Rocker, Activities Director
Sanger West

The Solution

Leveraging Technology to Smooth Out Operations & Create a Bustling Campus Community

Before Minga, Sanger West was relying on manual spreadsheets and multiple apps to run the school — so the idea of consolidating a host of software solutions into a single platform was incredibly appealing. The team embraced their new campus management toolbox and hit the ground running to smooth out day-to-day life. The deployment of Digital IDs, Hall Passes, and the Check In module was an immediate game changer — allowing the school to maintain clear oversight of student movements and make sure everyone was where they needed to be.

Once all of the operational aspects of daily campus life were ticking along nicely, it was time for Sanger West to level up and lean into the points and rewards system. They started to incentivize and reinforce positive student behavior. But then the staff took it one step further and launched “Minga Madness” — which happens every Thursday at lunchtime. The school sets up a little snack bar with a menu of items, or sometimes they’ll order pizza and give out slices to students for working hard in class. Instead of using cash, the kids use their Minga points. It’s created a buzzing community vibe at the school — the students love getting rewarded for their efforts and it’s also a breeze for the staff to manage with Minga.

What Minga Offered:

Digital IDs and hall passes that enhance security and improve the monitoring of student movement

A Check In module that improves the process of taking attendance

A robust tardy management system

Effective behavior management tools that positively reinforce student behavior and help build relationships with students through rewards and incentives

A social media-style interface for posting event flyers or campus-wide announcements

Comprehensive reports and dashboards for different departments to monitor key metrics

Being able to implement the Behavior & Rewards module inside of our classrooms has really helped a lot of our teachers with their classroom management. And also allowing them to just build those relationships. That’s been a great feature of Minga for us.”

Madison Rocker, Activities Director
Sanger West

The Outcomes

A Previously Virtual Campus Evolves into a Tight-Knit Community

Tangible Rewards for Positive Behavior

“Minga Madness” has become a popular Thursday lunchtime event, where students exchange Minga points for snacks, allowing Sanger West to reward positive behavior and foster community spirit.

Enhanced Engagement with School Events and Activities

The Minga feed has become a virtual bulletin board — making it easier to get the word out about events and increasing student participation.

A Strong Sense of Belonging and Community

Minga’s Behavior & Rewards module has been pivotal in creating a positive and inclusive school culture — essential for a school that used to be 100% virtual.

Faster and More Efficient Check-Ins

Digital IDs and robust check in features have significantly reduced admin time and freed up staff to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Improved Safety and Monitoring of Student Movement

Digital hall passes have allowed Sanger West to keep an eye on where students are, in real-time while also preventing unwanted meetups in hallways and bathrooms.

A Culture of Punctuality That Has Improved Attendance

Minga’s Check In and Tardy systems have created efficiencies in the attendance office while simultaneously improving punctuality through features such as automatic detentions.

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As a brand new school, Minga helped start off our procedures and systems very early on, which was really nice. Our students have become very familiar with Minga — they know we take it very seriously — constantly checking their digital IDs for different things. We use the Check In module every day, especially in the morning for tardies.”

Madison Rocker, Activities Director
Sanger West