e-hallpass vs Minga

Find out why schools are switching

Discover why schools prefer Minga’s digital hall pass over e-hallpass for minimizing hallway disruption, preventing unwanted bathroom behavior, and maximizing time spent in the classroom.

e-hallpass vs Minga

Compare the Minga digital hall pass to e-hallpass

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Dedicated customer experience manager assigned to EVERY school or district

For e-hallpass premium members only

Seamless integration with a FULL campus management platform

A modern and intuitive user interface

Works together with a robust Behavior & Rewards module

Works together with a tardy management system that sets automatic detentions for latecomers

Live countdown timers

Attach personalized optional notes to each hall pass

Set blackout schedules and include overriding options

Pass limits and restrictions

Student analytics dashboard

Student-created hall passes

Complies with FERPA, COPPA, CSPC, and SDPC student privacy standards

Access through a web browser (laptop, tablet, or mobile), iOS native app, and Android native app.

Compare the Minga digital hall pass to e-hallpass

Minga surpasses e-hallpass in delivering a robust solution

What schools are saying about the e-hallpass alternative, Minga’s digital hall pass

The Hall Passes work a million times better than our old school paper ones, it just automatically enters everything and accurately counts and keeps track of our kids. Let alone the fact that the training was super easy.”

Associate Principal
Lea Smith
Merced Union High School

How Minga compares to e-hallpass

A digital hall pass, plus so much more

Minga doesn’t just stop at hall passes. It provides a comprehensive campus management platform that empowers schools to streamline their entire operation. Schools choose Minga over e-hallpass for this exact reason–Minga was made for more. The robust software is made up of a variety of modules, including a digital hall pass solution PLUS:

Digital ID’s

Check In


Tardy Management

Behavior & Rewards


Event Management

A sleek and functional digital hall pass that has established an unmatched industry standard

With a set of digital solutions that work together flawlessly, Minga offers the whole package for schools to effortlessly manage their operations.

Syncs with digital student ID’s

Provides a clear record of time spent outside of the classroom

Oversee all hall pass activity from a unified dashboard

Enhance safety throughout hallways and the campus

Additional functionalities: student behavior analysis, communications tool, PBIS incentives, and event coordination

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