Technology plays a huge role in today’s modern schools – and cell phones are no exception. But not all K-12 institutions are on board with allowing students to have their phones with them on campus. In fact, many school districts have started to ban cell phones in school in order to improve concentration and reduce opportunities for distractions. One such example is the Lincoln Public School District, which recently instated a “phones off and out of sight” policy. In addition, the entire State of Florida has also just banned students from having access to their cell phones during class. 

Debunking the Myth: Minga Doesn’t Require the Use of Cell Phones in Schools

In light of these trending cell phone bans, we thought it would be best to disprove the common misconception that EdTech software requires K-12 students to use their personal cell phones in school. Although we can’t speak for all of the solutions out there, we can guarantee that for Minga’s campus management platform, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

What is Minga?

Minga is a digital campus management platform, specifically designed to cater to K-12 schools. Minga seamlessly integrates a myriad of modules into one cohesive software solution.

The following core pillars are at the heart of Minga’s offering:

  • Safety & Security: Prioritizing the well-being of every student.
  • Student Behavior & PBIS: Nurturing positive behaviors and reinforcing best practices.
  • Communication & Engagement: Empower seamless school communication and ignite student engagement.
  • Campus Operations: Streamlining day-to-day activities for optimal efficiency.

Using Minga in the Classroom: No Cell Phone Required

Minga is both a web and mobile-based app, created with a clear vision that access shouldn’t be limited by the device at hand. Recognizing that not all students own smartphones, Minga is designed to be compatible with school-issued 1-1 devices such as Chromebooks, desktops, laptops, and tablets. Our commitment to universal accessibility means that no student should ever be sidelined due to the lack of a personal device. And given the evolving landscape of policies against using cell phones in schools, this commitment feels increasingly relevant.

Using Minga Outside the Classroom

While many schools with Minga have implemented a cellphone ban inside the classroom — which is entirely understandable — most of the time, cell phones are allowed to be used everywhere else on campus. (And, of course, off campus.)

At schools that do allow cell phone usage outside of the classroom, students typically tend to use Minga for the following:

Using Minga at Home

Our app is designed to function both on and off campus. Whatever students can do on campus with Minga, they can equally do from the comfort of their homes. Minga’s Digital Student IDs also offer more than just identification; they can provide access to exclusive perks off-campus. With their 1-1 device, students can easily display their ID, unlocking student discounts at numerous outlets. For added convenience, they can download this ID to their personal devices if they wish, making it easier to access when they’re not on school grounds.

Furthermore, Minga Digital IDs feature links to vital services, including the National Suicide Prevention and National Domestic Violence hotlines. This ensures that students are never more than one click away from essential support when they need it most.

Digital Tools Should Enhance, Not Hinder the Learning Experience

Legislation is being passed across North America to ban cell phones in school because they can be a source of distraction in the classroom. And while many believe that digital tools just add to this distraction, the opposite can also be true. Minga, for instance, boasts features that have been carefully conceived to minimize disruptions and increase learning time. 

These include:

Remember, none of these features require the use of a smartphone. Everything can be accessed through Minga’s web app.

As the education sector comes together more and more with digital technologies, campus management platforms such as Minga play a pivotal role in K-12 schools. Even with emerging policies that ban cell phones in schools, campuses can still capitalize on the advantages of technology to optimize their operations. Tools like Minga often offer adaptive solutions, striving to balance both the technological and educational needs of teachers and students.

Build a thriving school community that runs like clockwork with Minga’s comprehensive Campus Management Platform. The software integrates smoothly with existing Student Information Systems to offer a solution that saves your school time and money. Book a demo with a Minga solutions expert to learn more.

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