High School Flex Periods

Customize Flex Periods

with Effortless Ease

Customize Flex Periods

with Effortless Ease.

Ensure the success of your high school flex periods with Minga’s user-friendly FlexTime Module – a simple way to craft unique, individualized learning paths for your students.

Learn the Key Strategies for Maximizing the Impact of Flex Periods

Easy high school flex period management means highly personalized learning

Simple for admins, with no more manual scheduling or intervention

Teachers can easily assign activities to students and automate scheduling

Ensure students receive personalized support and learning

Attendance management made easy with built-in Check In tools

Customization & Scheduling

Admins and teachers can effortlessly manage high school flex periods and activities

Minga’s FlexTime Module offers easy and customizable scheduling for high school flex period, advisory, and intervention periods. With Minga, teachers can create dynamic and engaging environments that support individualized, academic success.

Quickly schedule high school flex period and activities

Easily create activity templates and add them to scheduled flex periods

Teachers can assign students to flex periods activities based on individual, role, grade, groups, and more

Limit activities by rosters, availability, and class size, or leave enrollment open

Set maximum class sizes to help manage activity availability and create registration urgency

Easy Registration for Students

Nurture unique student interests with personalized activity opportunities

Minga empowers students with an easy-to-use tool for browsing and choosing a variety of flex activities. Flex periods in high school — which provide students with voice and choice to select their own activities — promote highly personalized and accelerated learning paths that ignite student success.

 Effortlessly see what flex period activities are available and how many spots are left

 Easily self-select activities for tailored educational journeys that support individual goals, talents, and interests

 Get notifications for activities that have been assigned by teachers

 A simple calendar view displays all activities for which students have been registered

Minga Flextime Module. Streamline student registration and check in.
Minga Flextime Module. Streamline the checkin process.

Attendance & Check In

Revolutionize attendance management during FlexTime periods

Say goodbye to manually recording attendance through spreadsheets! Our module allows administrators to easily automate attendance during flex periods. Powerful and seamless integration with our Check In Module allows FlexTime to offer more efficient attendance recording. Staff can easily check students into activities based on registration status and quickly redirect those in the wrong class. 

 Quick and easy check in for staff using our Check In module

  Staff will be notified during Check In if the student is assigned to a different activity

  Students can “self check in” by scanning a unique QR Code

  Harness your attendance and absence analytics to make data-driven decisions about your flex period offerings

Automatically synchronize student and staff rosters with your Student Information System

Our partners for, Digital student ID card, Digital Hall Pass, student behavior, tardies, school communication app, FlexTime, School check in, and more.
Our partners for, Digital student ID card, Digital Hall Pass, student behavior, tardies, school communication app, FlexTime, School check in, and more.

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See how you can offer personalized learning pathways with customizable flex periods

“FlexTime is an invaluable cornerstone of our school’s operations. Giving kids a lot more choice in their schedules has given them the opportunity to do something that’s their doing. It removes that level of control in education — now the kids are choosing where they’d like to go.”

Josh Rutherford,
Principal, Houston County High

FAQs: High School Flex Period

No. But when managed correctly it’s easy to see where students were assigned to go once they left the classroom.

Yes, our FlexTime module allows students to self-check in using a unique QR code. Staff can also easily check in students using a barcode scanner or the app.

The FlexTime Module works as a first-come, first-serve solution. Once a teacher assigns a student to a FlexTime activity, another teacher cannot automatically assign the same student to another activity during that same FlexTime period.

No, teacher-assigned activities will always override a student’s ability to self-select a FlexTime activity.

Yes, you can control who can make changes to FlexTime periods based on the following “lock” options: open to everybody, open to only teachers to assign, open to students to self-register, open to admin only.