PBIS Rewards & Student Behavior Tracking

Minga went to PBIS school so you don’t have to.

An all-in-one module for creating positive school changes through PBIS rewards and student behavior tracking. This module was built for the unique requirements of middle and high school.

Measure, assess and create a positive campus community.

All the tools you need to drive and develop your high school PBIS rewards system and help manage and track student behaviors.

Support and reward good behaviors

Easily track and discourage unwanted behaviours

Easy to navigate admin & analytics

Create campus wide friendly competition with our PBIS rewards system

Minga has a new PBIS Rewards & Tracking Student Behavior module.
First Step for Digital IDs, Hall Passes, School communication, PBIS and Tracking.

Easily record, report, and track student behaviours in the classroom or the hallway.

A good PBIS rewards program helps establish clear expectations for students and when implemented correctly will see students spend more time in class than out of class. Minga makes it simple to track student behaviours and supports students who are at risk for developing unwanted behaviours.

Swiftly assign and support good and unwanted behaviours.

Monitor students behavior to quickly find any students at risk.

Record and review campus wide data over time to get an overall health check on student and teacher engagement.

Reduce in office discipline and tardy behavior.

Improve student perceptions of school safety.

Use leaderboards on school campus to promote healthy positive competition
Second Step for Digital IDs, Hall Passes, School communication, PBIS and Tracking.

Bring your school
community to life
with school-wide points.

Spark excitement through your school community by enabling the Public Leaderboard, which will update in real-time as students complete challenges, polls, and any other activities. Points can be assigned and rewarded for completing Minga Challenges, checking into Events and Activities, or responding to Polls that have been shared in your Minga.

Easily run monthly contests.

Assign points to any event, activity, or poll.

Students have access to their history, outlining when and how they have been awarded points.

The leader board also allows them to see how their peers are doing to boost the desire to achieve.

Create teams for certain tasks by either grade or role.

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rewarding experience
for your students.

Every time I’m using Minga, the ease of it just makes me more and more invested.”

David Castle, ASB Teacher,
Kastner Intermediate, CA

More Features on PBIS Rewards and Student Behavior Tracking

Flexible for Schoolwide

Any teacher anywhere in the school can recognize a student. Take PBIS beyond the walls of your classroom

Flexible For All Grade Levels

PBIS Rewards is flexible for all grade levels and isn’t just for elementary grades.

More Control

PBIS settings are robust. You can control who is able to use and see the PBIS features.

Manage & Give Points

Create custom teams and be able to manually assign points to teams and individuals.

FAQ’s on PBIS Rewards and Student Behavior Tracking

Yes they do. Whenever a student receives praise or guidance they’ll receive a notification to their Minga. The notification also specifies what behavior they performed that led to the praise or guidance.

Yes we do! Each time a student receives a point we keep track of when, why, and from who. There is a leaderboard that staff can access to see which students are thriving and which might need some more attention. This leaderboard can also be made public if the school decides to keep a real time scoreboard. Additionally whenever a student receives a point it will be added to their respective teams points.Β 

Traditional PBIS systems were made for the elementary level, younger students have more desire to obtain prizes whereas older students are driven far more by peer recognition and collective team initiative. The Minga PBIS system is also a better fit for high school students because of its equal opportunity to obtain points based on Challenges, Activities, Polls, and Praise.

All devices! They can scan the Student’s Digital ID on their phone or search the student by name or number on any device.

Absolutely! You can grant any student or student leader such privileges at any time, and remove them at any time.
No way! M-Stats and M-Trax are tracking very exclusively student behavior, on campus only (or for school related events off campus).

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