Student Behavior, Tardies, PBIS Rewards

Enhance Student Accountability

& Improve Behavior

Enhance Student Accountability

& Improve Behavior

Introducing the only student behavior platform designed specifically for high schools. Monitor tardies, report and measure behavior, and motivate students through a PBIS rewards-based system.

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Learn key strategies to stop tardiness, reduce absenteeism, and address the federal ‘Improving Student Achievement Agenda 2024’

Unlock success with tools designed for high schools

Address unique high school student behaviors: tardies, vaping, violence, vandalism

Streamline morning and classroom tardies

Motivate and incentivize young adults with custom rewards programs

Reduce administrative burden: simplify accounting and record-keeping for large classrooms

Drive consistent process and accountability across staff and admin

Identify at-risk students and prevent unwanted behaviors

Tardy management to help reduce chronic absenteeism and boost student attendance. Automation to be efficient with progressive consequences.

Tardy Management

Reduce tardies by 50% in 8 weeks

Learn how to reduce tardiness in high schools, the quick and easy way. With Minga, you can swiftly tackle the primary behavioral problem in 7 out of 10 high schools across North America. Our tardy management solution is the most efficient platform on the market. Monitor attendance and implement interventions that will not only minimize tardies but also keep students actively engaged in their learning.

  Streamline and unify the tardy process across your entire campus with high school tardy policies that actually work

  Centralize tardy tracking and remove the workload from the classroom

  Automate tardy consequences and build student accountability

   Increase efficiency and eliminate paper-based and written workflows

Rewards & Incentives

Develop a points program that drives student and staff engagement

Minga’s Student Rewards Program helps you increase participation in campus activities and events, which develops a stronger sense of community and connection among students and staff. Are you ready to improve school pride and student behavior?

  Promote and reward participation in extracurricular activities

  Create and manage team-based competitions and contests

  Deliver and highlight rewards that foster peer recognition

  Allow students to earn PBIS points which can be redeemed for rewards

 Convert staff from program managers to program participants

 Foster teacher and student relationships through a PBIS rewards system

Minga student reward program

Behavior & Intervention Management

Set up automated praise and consequences to encourage positive behavior

Reward and incentivize student behavior on campus with a consistent praise and guidance program. Minga simplifies behavior monitoring, interventions, and improvements, in addition to supporting at-risk students to prevent unwanted behaviors.

  Easily assign praise and guidance to students for good behavior

  Discourage negative behavior by assigning guidance, consequences, or detentions

  Automate praise, consequences, detentions, or other interventions for easy administration

 Automate parent outreach based on assigned consequences

Monitor student behavior through short and long-term reports

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Check out how you can reduce tardies and incentivize responsible behavior

“I love the Behavior Manager. I love that in real-time, when a teacher assigns a guidance, the parent is notified. This helps our team, and it helps our parents — instead of waiting till the end of the day — to hear about their child. I feel like that has been very successful.”

Kelly Silva
Intervention Coordinator, Golden Valley High

Automatically synchronize student, staff, and classroom rosters with your Student Information System.

Our partners for, Digital student ID card, Digital Hall Pass, student behavior, tardies, school communication app, FlexTime, School check in, and more.
Our partners for, Digital student ID card, Digital Hall Pass, student behavior, tardies, school communication app, FlexTime, School check in, and more.

FAQ’s on Tardies, Student Behavior & Rewards

Yes they do. Whenever a student receives praise or guidance they’ll receive a notification to their Minga. The notification also specifies what behavior they performed that led to the praise or guidance.

Yes we do! Each time a student receives a point we keep track of when, why, and from who. There is a leaderboard that staff can access to see which students are thriving and which might need some more attention. This leaderboard can also be made public if the school decides to keep a real time scoreboard. Additionally whenever a student receives a point it will be added to their respective teams points. 

Traditional PBIS systems were made for the elementary level, younger students have more desire to obtain prizes whereas older students are driven far more by peer recognition and collective team initiative. The Minga PBIS system is also a better fit for high school students because of its equal opportunity to obtain points based on challenges, activities, polls, and praise.

All devices! They can scan the Student’s Digital ID on their phone or search the student by name or number on any device.

Absolutely! You can grant any student or student leader such privileges at any time, and remove them at any time.
No way! The Behavior and Rewards Module can only monitor on-campus student behavior (or for school-related events off campus).

Funny you should ask. Check out how we compare to PBIS Rewards, 5-Star Students & School Mint Hero