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Digital Hall Pass Case Study

A hall pass that skyrockets accountability

Associate Principals Lea Smith & Phaedra Hofmann of Merced High were constantly dealing with misuse of hallways by students, prolonged absences from classes, and unauthorized gatherings in restrooms. Merced was not alone in dealing with these issues – these are very common challenges that many high schools across North America face each day. But Lea and Phaedra were not willing to accept this as the status quo at their school. It was becoming increasingly obvious to them that the absence of a sophisticated hall pass reporting system meant that kids just didn’t care enough to stop loitering in the hallways. Student accountability was lacking and there was no way for staff to identify and address persistent hallway offenders and frequent flyers. 

However, since implementing Minga’s Digital Hall Pass Module, Lea and Phaedra have successfully championed a culture of accountability across their student body. Merced High has seen a 52% decrease in time spent in the hallways, in just 3 months! Together, these two Associate Principals have transformed Merced into a safer and more respectful learning environment that promotes greater academic success.

Download the full case study to learn how to skyrocket student accountability like Lea and Phaedra!