Creating a caring school environment

Effective Behavior Tracker for Students

Managing student behavior shouldn’t be a daunting task. This is why Minga’s student behavior tracker attempts to ease this admin burden. Our tool makes it easy to keep an eye on behavior patterns, helping educators maintain discipline while also holding students accountable. 

More than just a software solution for oversight, Minga’s behavior tracker for students nurtures a culture of respect and cooperation.

Opportunities for connection & guidance

Transform Your School’s Approach to Student Behavior Management

Student behavior management should be supportive, not burdensome. Minga offers a straightforward solution with our Behavior & Rewards module, aimed at simplifying the process for all staff members to recognize positive actions and provide guidance as needed. 

Our user-friendly system doesn’t require extensive training, enabling teachers to make an impact immediately. By encouraging timely and positive interactions, Minga’s behavior tracker for students not only promotes personal accountability among students but also helps prevent undesirable behaviors before they occur. It’s about more than just tech, we’re here to help educators foster meaningful connections and support student growth.

Streamlined efficiency & accessibility

Benefits of a Digital Behavior Tracker for Students

Eliminate the hassle of traditional behavior charts and data sheets with Minga’s digital solution. Our platform ensures that records are easily maintained and accessible to staff members whenever and wherever they need them. With this streamlined management system, you can keep your focus on what matters most—your students.

Discover More with a Robust Behavior Tracker for Students

Minga stands alone as the only student behavior module that integrates rewards, tardy management, and behavior tracking into one seamless experience. Simplify your tools without compromising your goals by accessing everything you need in one comprehensive software solution.

With Minga, administrative tasks become simpler. Automate praises, consequences, detentions, and other interventions to ensure consistent and fair management of student behavior. Our streamlined process saves time and minimizes manual errors.

Minga automatically keeps parents and administrators in the loop by sending notifications based on assigned consequences. This fosters a supportive community and ensures that all stakeholders are involved in the educational journey.

Dive deep into your school’s data with Minga’s comprehensive monitoring and visually appealing custom reports. Track both short-term incidents and long-term trends to gain valuable insights and effectively improve student behavior.

Rewarding positive behavior, anywhere

Making Behavior Tracking Seamless, Both Inside and Outside the Classroom

Forget the outdated spreadsheets and manual logs. Minga gives all staff access to a unified tool that empowers them to report and monitor student behavior not just in classrooms, but all across the school grounds. Every authorized staff member can ensure consistent monitoring and support, transforming the way your school handles behavior management, behavior reporting, and behavior tracker for students.

The Minga Behavior & Rewards module includes a digital behavior tracker for students, a tardy solution, and a consequences automation platform.
Rewarding positive behavior

At Minga, we believe in celebrating students’ successes. Our behavior tracking system integrates recognition and rewards, motivating students to participate more in school activities and improving overall attendance. Positive reinforcement is key, and Minga makes it easy and effective.

Tardy management & automated consequences

Tackle tardiness head-on with the most powerful tardy management system on the market. With Minga, you can customize every step of the discipline process to fit your school’s unique needs. Our smart system tracks infractions and automatically delivers the right consequence at the right time—whether that’s detentions, referrals, or a friendly reminder. Plus, automated alerts keep students, parents, and staff in the loop, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Still unconvinced that tardiness is an issue?

Maximizing teaching time

By merging multiple behavior management tools into one intuitive system, Minga frees up teachers’ time, allowing them to focus on what they do best: engaging with students on a meaningful level. Less time on administration means more time for education.

School-wide rewards & virtual store

Encourage involvement in school life with Minga’s innovative reward system. Host team-based competitions, manage contests, and let students earn PBIS rewards that they can spend in our virtual store. From school swag to special rewards, Minga makes it fun and rewarding for students to excel.

A Simplified Digital Behavior Tracker for Students

With Minga, transforming your school’s behavior management system is not just possible—it’s simple. Let us help you create an environment where students thrive both academically and socially.

“Our behaviors are automated. So tardies create a makeup class automatically. Absences create a makeup class automatically. That makes it a seamless workflow.”

Anne Ortiz – Finance & Resource Director
Edge High School, AZ

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