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Manage & Reduce Tardies

Dealing with tardies in high schools is a growing challenge that affects attendance and campus culture. Reducing this behavior sets schools on a path to greater student success, enhanced academic performance, and higher graduation rates.

Record tardies efficiently & consistently

Revolutionize Tardy Management

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Stop using manual processes or cumbersome Google Sheets to monitor students who are late to class. Centralizing your tardy management system allows teachers to record late attendance efficiently, decreasing distractions and increasing valuable learning time in the classroom.

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How to use Minga’s Behavior & Rewards Module for tardy management:

This helps to easily signal to late students that they will not be checked into class until they’re marked as tardy.

Create a centralized area outside of the classroom for tardy check-ins.

Students will use their digital student ID to check in, which will mark them as tardy, automatically assign a hall pass to the student, and reconcile the tardy in your SIS.

Students can then return to class and show their hall pass to anyone who is monitoring the hallway or the teacher to confirm that they have checked in.

Alternatively, take attendance in class using your SIS and export the data to Minga.

Increased efficiency, decreased admin burden

Automatic Detentions for Students Who are Consistently Tardy

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Dealing with repeat latecomers? Successfully discipline students who continually arrive late to class. Automatic tardy consequences remove the need for manual monitoring through spreadsheets.

Minga’s automation tools allow you to preset consequences based on tardy frequency, such as automatic lunchtime detentions. This consistent approach to consequences reinforces your school’s attendance expectations and frees up staff to focus on more important tasks.

How to use Minga’s Behavior & Rewards Module to automate tardy consequences:


For instance, if Sally receives 3 tardies and the detention threshold is 2 tardies, she would be assigned detention.

Behavior and consequences automation

Minga Owners and Managers develop a behavior and consequences automation protocol.

Automation framework

The protocol comprises a combination of the outcome, the behaviors that contribute to that outcome, and the number of behaviors required to trigger the outcome.

Consequences serve date

Lastly, administrators can specify a timeframe within which the consequence must be served, ensuring timely resolution.

Automated Alerts and Notifications That Keep Kids Accountable

Boost punctuality with enhanced tardy monitoring

Ensure that everyone who needs to know about a student’s late attendance is notified promptly. Minga’s software streamlines this process, providing real-time updates and alerts to teachers, parents, and administrators, allowing for timely interventions and promoting a culture of respect and accountability.

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Image of a Minga tardy management dashboard

Tardy Reporting That’s Easy to Use

Improved visibility into student punctuality.

Simplify the process of generating detailed tardy reports, providing administrators and teachers with valuable insights and trends. This improved visibility allows for targeted interventions and strategies to address punctuality issues effectively. Empower your school with the tools to effortlessly track and analyze data to improve student behaviors and create enhanced learning environments.

Cut Tardiness by
50% in 3 Months!

Cultivate a culture of punctuality, enhance academic performance, and boost graduation rates at your school with Minga – a digital campus management platform with a proven track record of reducing tardiness by 50% in three months!

“I love hearing students and staff use phrases like ‘get your Minga out’ or ‘show your Minga ID’ to earn ‘bear points’. It’s exciting to hear kids talk about it in the halls and shows they’re truly engaged in school.”

Lea Smith – Associate Principal
Merced Union High, CA,

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