Simplified School Event Management Software

Effortlessly Transform School Events into Cherished Memories

Hassle-free school event management software and ticketing allow teachers and activities directors to pour their energy into the right places: inspiring young minds, creating connections, and boosting school spirit.

Boosting School Spirit is a Breeze

One Place for All of Your School Events

With Minga’s all-in-one school event management system, say goodbye to juggling multiple apps and spreadsheets. Schools can easily plan, promote, and host all events, from school colors day to prom. Real-time updates, simple guest invitations, and automated communications help the entire school community stay connected. Less time on admin equals more time on building a vibrant campus life.

4 steps to plan and coordinate school events with Minga’s Community module:

Effortlessly curate both ticketed and non-ticketed events in just a few clicks. Choose from a selection of suggested banner photos or personalize your listing by uploading a custom image.

Leverage automation to remind students about ticket purchases and event attendance. By creating and scheduling posts with the help of student leaders, or pinning key events to the top of the feed, you can easily maximize engagement.

Streamline event attendance through seamless on-site check-in and check-out procedures, enhanced by the quick scanning of ID cards for a smooth and efficient guest experience, every time.


Experience complete visibility through a user-friendly dashboard that displays real-time check-in and check-out data, including timestamps. This strengthens safety and security by ensuring that the right students are at your school event and by providing a clear record of when students leave early. This valuable information can be exported and uploaded into your SIS, if needed.

Fun ways to promote your school event

Spread the Word, Simply

Pump up the Hype with Easy Event Promotion

Use Minga’s Community module to quickly promote events through personalized notifications, and built-in social sharing tools. School events can be showcased in visually engaging ways, with countdowns, videos, and interactive polls. Boosting excitement, participation, and school spirit has never been easier.

Say Goodbye to Ticketing Troubles

Ticketed Events, Made Easy

Managing ticketed events is a breeze, thanks to Minga’s Community module. Our easy-to-use platform lets you quickly add external ticket links and upload lists of everyone who has bought a ticket. It’s like having an extra pair of hands helping you make every school event not just easier to manage, but truly memorable.

Manage ticketed school events with Minga’s Community module

Taking event attendance is easier than ever

Manual Headcounts Can Take a Hike

Efficient On-Site Attendance Recording

Save time and effort with quick on-site scanning features for hassle-free, real-time event attendance. Know exactly who’s arrived and when, all with a simple scan. Parents and guardians can also automatically receive notifications when a student checks in or out of an event.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Robust Analytics and Reporting Tools

With Minga’s comprehensive analytics and reporting functionality, get a full picture of your event’s success—from ticket sales to attendance—in an easy-to-read format. Use these insights to report on funding and plan future events that your school community will love. Plus, you can adjust your promotion strategies in real-time to maximize interest and attendance.

Check event attendance quickly with reports

“I love hearing students and staff use phrases like ‘get your Minga out’ or ‘show your Minga ID’ to earn ‘bear points’. It’s exciting to hear kids talk about it in the halls and shows they’re truly engaged in school.”

Lea Smith – Associate Principal
Merced Union High, CA,

Effortlessly Transform School Events into Cherished Memories

Hassle-free school event management software and ticketing allow teachers and activities directors to pour their energy into the right places