Easily Know Who’s On & Off Campus

On-Campus Student Check In

From the first bell to final dismissal, Minga streamlines daily attendance management to ensure smooth and efficient campus movements. Welcome to a new era of student check in that simplifies the varied and intricate rhythms of your school day.

Off to a Winning Start

Start-of-School Student Check In

Minga empowers schools to effortlessly check in large groups of students into a single session, streamlining the start-of-school check in process. Forget about taking manual attendance or using tedious Google Sheets, the robust check in tool allows schools to quickly scan digital IDs, customize check in reasons, and easily sync data with student management systems.

student check in

Manage start-of-school student check in with Minga

student check in

Manage off-campus lunch attendance with Minga

Increase Accountability During Lunch

Student Check In and Check Out for Off-Campus Lunch

Restricting and monitoring lunchtime trips is a breeze with Minga. Key features include “Off-Campus Lunch” stickers and straightforward absentee monitoring that accounts for students who haven’t returned. To further enhance this process, easily match your student’s “return reason” with their “leave reason”, which will allow only previously checked-out students to check back in.

Create a Culture of Punctuality

Tardy Check Ins

Streamline the tardy check-in process to ensure your students are on time, every time. Start of school and period tardies can be easily recorded and managed by a robust system that offers automatic detentions and consequences. Minga’s detention check-in feature additionally provides a simple way to complete any detention-related actions to make behavior management a breeze.

student check in
on-campus student check in for flex periods

Flex Your Attendance Muscles

Flex Period Check Ins

Say goodbye to attendance headaches during flex periods. Once you’ve set up your FlexTime activities in Minga and assigned students, checking them in is a walk in the park. With Minga’s intuitive “Teacher Tools”, you can quickly assign check-ins for each FlexTime period and activity. This ensures that your students are accounted for during flex periods.

No More Manual Headcounts

Event Check In & Check Out

Event attendance is now hassle-free, with on-site student check in functionality that ensures a seamless and enhanced guest experience. Easily scan arrivals and departures and monitor the number of guests at your event in real-time. Automatic notifications can also inform parents and guardians that a student has checked in or out of a particular event.

How to check students into events with Minga

Go to Events and click on your event

Tap the Camera icon to open your camera app

This can be done from their phone or a 1:1 device

It’s as easy as that, 4 simple steps!

“I love hearing students and staff use phrases like ‘get your Minga out’ or ‘show your Minga ID’ to earn ‘bear points’. It’s exciting to hear kids talk about it in the halls and shows they’re truly engaged in school.”

Lea Smith – Associate Principal
Merced Union High, CA,

Easily Know Who’s On & Off Campus

From the first bell to final dismissal, Minga streamlines daily attendance management to ensure smooth and efficient campus movements.