Increasing Attendance & Reducing Chronic Absenteeism

Improve School Attendance

Even with high attendance numbers, many students are still skipping classes, a problem that’s only gotten worse since the pandemic. Tracking attendance isn’t enough on its own; we need to make school a place students want to be. Minga’s Campus Management Platform offers solutions to curb chronic absenteeism and improve school attendance.

 Excitement in Learning

Personalized Educational Pathways with Flex Periods

Flex periods, or advisory periods, offer a unique approach to education by creating personalized learning experiences based on each student’s needs and interests. With 86% of students feeling positive about flex periods, and schools reporting fewer failing grades, the benefits are clear. The main challenge lies in their integration with existing school information systems (SIS), but Minga’s FlexTime solution simplifies this, making it easier to implement successful flex periods in high schools. Flex periods ultimately draw students to school by aligning with their personal interests and educational needs, making attendance more engaging and relevant.

School communication app for school wide messaging or direct messaging.

Increase Community Connection

Fostering a sense of belonging and community with a digital community platform.

Building a school community is about more than sharing updates; it’s about ensuring every student feels they belong and are seen. Minga’s Community module combines communication and event management to strengthen school spirit and connections. This sense of belonging can motivate students to attend classes more consistently by nurturing strong peer relationships. A comprehensive digital community can enhance students’ sense of belonging, directly influencing their enthusiasm and consistency in attending school.

Reducing Behavioral Issues

Improve School Attendance with Rewards & Incentives

Minga’s Behavior & Rewards module boosts student engagement by rewarding good attendance and fostering a positive learning environment. A proactive strategy, such as a PBIS points system for punctuality, allows students to exchange points for rewards, enhancing the learning culture. This method encourages responsibility and fosters a community where students motivate each other to attend. A well-run rewards system for attendance directly incentivizes students to maintain consistent school attendance, fostering a positive attendance culture.

Track student behavior through short and long-term reports. This can help with improving student attendance, tardies and more!
Tardy management to help reduce chronic absenteeism and boost student attendance. Automation to be efficient with progressive consequences.

Increase Attendance & Reduce Tardiness

Addressing the root causes of tardies with a tardy management solution

Minga’s Tardy Management solution helps high schools enforce tardy policies effectively, using an automated framework to manage tardiness. This ensures consistent discipline, preventing tardies from escalating into absences and streamlining the disciplinary process for fairness and efficiency. A structured and consistent tardy management solution can directly reduce instances of tardiness, thereby preventing the slide into more significant absenteeism issues.

Classroom and Hallway Distractions

Streamlining Classroom Management with Digital Hall Passes

Minga’s Digital Hall Pass solution addresses common classroom interruptions associated with traditional paper hall passes, enhancing control and monitoring of student movement. This system minimizes disruptions and ensures better accountability, making classroom management more effective and efficient. Digital hall passes reduce disruptions, thereby creating a more inviting and orderly learning environment that encourages regular attendance.

Digital Hall Pass admin dashboard is real time data you can see from any device.

How to Improve School Attendance

Boost school attendance with Minga solutions: create engaging environments, use digital tools to manage tardiness, foster community, and reward good behavior. These strategies reduce absenteeism and encourage consistent attendance. Discover how Minga can transform your school’s attendance rates.

“We were able to implement a system using the Check In and the Behavior modules that holds students accountable for going to class.”

Andrew LamboAssistant Principal
Danbury High, CT


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