Minga Case Study

How Huntley High Reclaimed Admin Time to Reinvest Into Student Relationships

By streamlining administrative processes, Huntley High successfully redirected its focus from managing misconduct to strengthening student connections.

points issued for positive behavior

hours of extra classroom time

decrease in hall pass usage

About Huntley High



The Challenge 

Inadequate Student Monitoring and an Ineffective Behavior Management System

Huntley High found it difficult to monitor student movement. They couldn’t clearly see which students were entering or exiting school grounds, or who was using hall passes throughout the day. School administrators realized they needed a more effective system to oversee the goings-on and improve overall campus security.

In addition, Huntley saw a rise in student misconduct after the pandemic, straining teacher resources and relationships. The school turned to Hero, which promised to manage this unwanted behavior. However, the cumbersome, manual processes and lack of updates made the tool ineffective. Even though it cost them a pretty penny, the software just ended up collecting dust and eventually, Huntley High stopped using Hero completely.


No visibility of student movement across the campus

No process to easily manage off-campus privileges

Paper hall passes couldn’t provide any data

Lack of clear and equitable hall pass procedures

Previously using an expensive and unreliable behavior and student engagement tool

Paper-based interventions were bogging down administrators

No way to easily manage campus events and activities

We have good kids and we’d have less than one fight a year before. But after COVID we were at 48-50 fights — it had exploded. We’d heard about these extreme behaviors at other schools, but we had never experienced them before. So none of us had any knowledge of what to do and it occupied so much of our time.”

Tom Kempf
Associate Principal of Operations


The Solution

A Comprehensive Platform That Transforms Campus Operations and Student Behavior

The school embarked on a strategic and phased introduction of Minga, initially focusing on the Digital ID, Check In, and Hall Pass modules to manage student traffic and curb bathroom vandalism. The following semester, Huntley officially replaced Hero — expanding their use of Minga to manage student behavior and encourage engagement through a points system. By leveraging the features of Minga’s seamlessly integrated Behavior and Community modules, the school automated various disciplinary processes whilst also promoting student participation and boosting school spirit.

As Huntley High continues further into its second year of using Minga, the admin team is leveraging the tool more and more to streamline campus operations. Empowered by Minga’s insightful data reports, the school has made various improvements. For example, Huntley has refined its hall pass system, incorporating specialized passes for students with unique needs. In addition, the check in process has also become smarter and more efficient, especially for students with off-campus privileges. Huntley’s system now uses various approval stickers in order to make this process easier for both students and teachers.

What Minga Offered:

Flexibility for student-created or teacher-approved hall passes

A cost-effective software solution, which was $7,000 cheaper than Hero

A comprehensive campus management platform with a variety of integrated modules

Robust reporting capabilities

Best practices for hall pass workflows

Dashboards that provide real-time monitoring of where students are on campus

A behavior management system that was easy to use

A points and rewards system that incentivizes student engagement

In terms of the behavior side, Minga is a necessary tool. Now, our campus supervisors can issue a dress code or cafeteria violation immediately on the app. They don’t need to write a referral that goes to the Dean. It’s instant feedback, instant action — something that doesn’t require a whole lot of documentation.”

Tom Kempf
Associate Principal of Operations


The Outcomes

Streamlined Operations Unlock More Time to Deepen Student Connections

Replacing Time Spent on Admin with More Time for Student Connection

Features such as student-created hall passes and automated lunch detentions have reduced the time teachers spend on paper-based admin tasks, giving back precious hours to spend more time with students. Huntley transformed its failing relationship-building efforts into successful student connections — in just a few short months.

Clear Hall Pass Data That Allows the School to be Responsive

Huntley High now has a clear picture of student movement that lets them make data-driven decisions. By diving into their hall pass data, they saw that students were spending a huge amount of time outside the classroom. This led them to set a daily limit of 2 student-created passes to combat this.

Transforming the Student Experience With a Unified Platform

Minga has revolutionized the way Huntley High manages student life — seamlessly integrating sports, safety, behavior, and administrative processes. This centralized hub helps to provide a cohesive and enriched student experience.

A Better Attendee Experience at Events

Using digital IDs for event check-ins, such as football games and homecoming dances, has been effective for quickly recording event attendance, enhancing student safety, and improving the attendee experience.

Reduction in Behavioral Issues

The implementation of new check-in and hall pass systems has significantly reduced behavioral issues. The ability to control the number of students out of class during structured times has effectively addressed problems like hallway wandering, bathroom meet-ups, and vaping.

Easier Access to Information Concerning Student Safety

Retrieving information about student safety has never been easier — such as who has checked in or out of the building. Huntley High now has quick access to this crucial data, improving safety management, and enhancing campus security.

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The tools certainly have bought us back time that we can now invest back into relationships. I don’t have to figure out 3 different reports to run data on who’s in or out of my building. Minga now does a lot of those things for us, allowing us to buy back hours in the day to go be with the kids and reinvest in those relationships.”

Tom Kempf
Associate Principal of Operations