Digital Student IDs

An integrated Digital Student ID solution built for Middle and
High School.

Save countless hours printing IDs and managing stickers
Stop doing student photos at registration
Save money on photography and ID printing
Improve identity security and safety

Digital IDs are better
than physical IDs.

ID’s are instantly available to students during registration so no more printing and waiting.

Allow students to upload their own picture until official school photos are finished.

Centrally manage ID stickers and badges to show student memberships and privileges.

Integrates with Microsoft or Google so students don’t have to remember another password.

Security features to keep student data safe and eliminate fraud or ID copying.

Expandable solution integrates communication, events management, student rewards and more!

“With Minga students had their IDs instantly and let us add our ASB Membership stickers in minutes instead of the days it would take us to manage stickers on physical IDs”

Carol Banion, Assistant Principal, Benterra High School

Digital IDs are easier to
launch and manage.

Import student account details into Minga.

Upload student photos into Minga’s secure cloud.

Students download the Minga app or login via any browser

Students login with their existing Google or Microsoft details

Create your stickers and membership lists

Speed up registration and take
student photos 3 weeks later.

Registration is already busy enough without trying to fit in photos and ID printing.

62% of students are not prepared for student photos during registration.

There is a big shortage of qualified photographers during registration.

Digital IDs are ready for students when they arrive for registration.

Take temporary photos at registration or allow students to upload their own.

Schedule photo day so students are notified and better prepared.

Digital Student ID Pricing

Minga Premium Digital Student ID
$0.50 per student

$500 Minimum per school

Price for Digital Student ID Feature only.
Looking for more? Check out how Digital Student IDs fit
into the Minga Student Activities Management System.

Use Minga’s ID Manager to add
stickers and badges for:

ASB Memberships | Free Period Designation | Off Campus Rights | COVID Notices | Principals List