Digital Student ID Card

An ID Card Students

Will Never Forget

An ID Card Students

Will Never Forget

Introducing Minga’s digital student ID card – the most secure, reliable, and flexible student ID for today’s modern campus.

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Physical student IDs are so last semester

Digital student ID cards are accessible from any device, anytime, on or off campus

Student IDs are available on day zero, even before registration

No printing or reprinting, ever

Real-time updates for IDs, stickers and badges

Safety & Security

The most secure and tamper-proof digital student ID card ever created

Combat fraud with Minga’s advanced anti-counterfeit features — designed to prevent fake IDs — so you can trust that students are who their digital ID cards claim they are. With the integration of real-time updates for badges and validations and seamless integration with Minga’s Check-In module, your digital student IDs can be used to manage access to activities, events, and privileges on and off campus.

 Exceeds national fraud protection standards

  A digital ID card that’s authenticated in real-time is more secure than physical IDs

  Authenticate seamlessly with Google and Microsoft

 One-click access to emergency hotlines and resources, straight from the student ID card

Digital Student ID Card showing the mobile manager and the front facing digital ID card experience.


The ID card students have with them, anytime and anywhere

Student IDs play a crucial role in maintaining campus safety, managing student movement, and organizing events. But traditional ID cards can be easily forgotten or lost, compromising campus security. With Minga, students can access their digital ID from any device, including via the Minga App on their phone. Staff can also access any student ID via the ID dashboard, ensuring your campus is always safe.

 Accessible with or without WiFi or mobile data

 Barcodes integrate with scanners and other campus systems

 Temporarily or permanently remove ID access

 Available via the web or as a native app for iOS and Android


Add or remove stickers easily for real-time updates on your digital student ID card

Going digital with Minga allows for easy adding or updating of important information from one central admin dashboard. Quickly add or remove stickers from IDs that reflect special or restricted privileges, such as late arrival, off-campus lunch, and free periods. Updating photos after picture day or retakes is also a breeze.

 Merge multiple student IDs and membership cards

 Add or remove stickers and badges from IDs instantly

 Update photos and ID data in real-time

 Customize background color by grade

 Improve overall student engagement — learn how Bear River High did this with Minga’s student IDs

Digital Student ID Card showing the desktop and Digital ID card manager.
Digital Student ID Card showing the desktop and Digital ID card manager.

Automatically synchronize student and staff rosters to the digital student ID card with your SIS

Our partners for, Digital student ID card, Digital Hall Pass, student behavior, tardies, school communication app, FlexTime, School check in, and more.
Our partners for, Digital student ID card, Digital Hall Pass, student behavior, tardies, school communication app, FlexTime, School check in, and more.

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Check out how you can increase campus safety & security with a digital ID card

The digital IDs were an instant fix. We had hardly any kids with an ID to almost every single kid with an ID. It really helps the campus safety aspect — knowing everybody who’s in the building and having these photos that are up to date.”

Jeremy Fiftal, principal of Stamford high explaining how digital student ID card and digital hall pass was effective for his school.

Jeremy Fiftal, School Administrator
Stamford High School

Digital Student ID Card and digital ID card brochure

FAQs – Digital Student ID Card

You can add your school logos, and customize colors of the Student ID to match the branding of your school.


This allows students to have constant, reliable access to a student ID at any time. To access their ID, students will use their school-provided email and password, making it challenging for others to access the ID. Additionally, because the digital ID cannot be manipulated by a student, fraud is out of the question. It also provides quick access to helplines if students need these resources.

NO you will not need data or access to the internet in order to view your student ID.

Yes, digital student ID cards can fully replace traditional plastic ones, as many schools have successfully transitioned to digital-only IDs. In certain situations, however, using a combination of both digital and physical IDs might still be beneficial. Contact us to learn more.

Funny you should ask. Check out how we compare to ID123 & High 5 ID.