Promoting School Events: Strategies to Boost Engagement

Promoting School Events: Strategies to Boost Engagement

Sports, dances, rallies, guest speakers, theme days… these are the lasting school memories that often stay with us into our adult years. What is it about these school events that are so amazing? The simple answer is that they bring students together in one place, at one time, to celebrate one thing. School events create a strong campus community that makes students, teachers, and parents feel like they’re connected to something special. 

But successfully promoting school events can be challenging, particularly in a fast-paced world where information is consumed in bite-sized chunks and attention spans are brief. There are, however, some simple, strategic, and efficient ways to spread the word about your school events, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

Here are 7 Tips for Promoting Your School Events:

1. Utilize the School Website

School websites are often the first port of call for information related to school activities. Update your site regularly with news about upcoming events, emphasizing key details like dates, times, locations, and ticket information. Make use of eye-catching graphics and easy-to-read layouts, and remember to keep the information current and accurate.

2. Send Email Newsletters

Email is an incredibly effective method of communication. Creating a regular newsletter that goes out to parents, teachers, and students can be a great way to share information about school events. Include interesting features, compelling stories, and pictures from past events to keep the reader engaged.

3. Leverage Digital Platforms to Reach Students

Software like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Learning Management Systems, or Campus Management Platforms that are used in schools can be incredibly helpful for announcing events. Some software solutions have built-in communication features that make promoting school events super straightforward. These tools, often with very media-friendly interfaces and event calendars, facilitate the sharing of event details, timely updates, and the distribution of relevant photos and videos. These platforms usually also offer a dedicated space for open interaction, thereby fostering a sense of community involvement and anticipation. 

4. Promote School Events on Social Media

If your school does not have a Campus Management Platform that can announce events, social media feeds are an effective alternative to get the word out to students, parents, and teachers. If your school is already using social media, consider creating event pages on Facebook, sharing updates and reminders on Twitter, or using Instagram for engaging visual content, like photos or short videos related to the event.

5. Collaborate with Local Media

Getting coverage in local newspapers, radio stations, or TV channels can be a great way to promote school events. Write a compelling press release and reach out to local journalists. Highlight the unique aspects of your event and its impact on the local community to pique their interest.

6. Connect with Parent-Teacher Associations

Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) can be powerful allies in spreading the word about school events. They have direct contact with parents and can encourage participation through meetings, emails, and word-of-mouth. Providing them with all the necessary details and promotional materials can boost your event’s visibility.

7. Organize Pre-event Activities

Creating a buzz before the actual event can stimulate interest and excitement. This can be done through fun contests related to the event, sneak peeks, or releasing event-related merchandise like t-shirts or badges. The key is to make the pre-event phase engaging and entertaining.

School events play a pivotal role in crafting memorable experiences and fostering a tight-knit campus community. By leveraging these promotional strategies, schools can not only communicate crucial event details but also ignite excitement and a sense of unity. They become cherished milestones in the student journey.

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