10 Fun Ways to Increase School Spirit

School spirit is key to creating a positive school culture. It creates school pride, brings together the student body and generates excitement on campus! Most importantly, it makes your students feel like they are part of a community that is bigger than themselves. But how do you increase school spirit? Here are 10 easy and creative ways to try at your school!

Spirit Fridays

Have students and teachers dress up in school colors, or anything that reflects your school (mascot, school T-shirts, etc.). Host face-painting stations and sell school merch at lunchtime. You could even have face-painting competitions where the students with the coolest design wins. 

Themed Spirit Weeks

These are fun to pull out during exciting times at school, such as before winter or spring break or after the exam season. You can theme each day of the week, such as pajama day, twin day, wacky hair day or 60’s day. During lunch, you can throw cool contests (like best dressed) and activities for students.

Door Decorating Contests

This could be used as a monthly contest for classes. Each month can have a different theme (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.). Have some cool school prizes for the winning class! Try incorporating points with M-Stats.

School Movie Night

Invite students and families to the school and project a movie on the side of the school. Make sure everyone brings chairs and blankets for sitting and hand out some snacks.

School Spirit

T-Shirt Decorating Contest

Have creative students make designs for school clothing! Then hold a contest where the student body can vote on their favorite. The winning design can be the design for the school clothing that year. The design will be what the students want — and you get to showcase how artistic your students are!

School Spirit Swag

Get stickers, temporary tattoos, car flags, posters, bumper stickers, and more so that your students can show their school pride in whichever ways they want.

Talent Show

This is a great event to show off your students’ different talents, and for the more shy students to come support and watch. Bonus points for talent that involves the school (example: performing a school song).

Celebrate School’s Birthday

Throw a school birthday party complete with cake and party decorations and games!

Teach the School’s History

Teach your school history through fun stories and have successful alumni come talk to the students. Students who know about their school’s history feel a stronger connection to the school and increases school pride.

Community Day

Get the school together to help the local community — host a sidewalk cleanup, plant trees, or raise money for a good cause. Unifying the school for a common goal of helping others is a great way to build strong ties. Multiply your schools sense of community with M-Comm, Minga’s Community and Communication Module.

By using these activities, you can create pride and a sense of community within your school. Here at Minga, we help create school spirit by providing one place where students can interact, brag about their school, and come together to share the good news. Increasing school spirit is easy when you’ve got tools like Minga, if you want to learn more about how Minga can help get your spirit back on track, book a Demo. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about how you can continue to grow your school culture and participation.

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