The morning always sets the tone for the rest of the day, so ensuring that students have an upbeat morning will create a more positive environment at school. At Minga we know it’s not always easy to get the students to want to participate or attend events and we’re here to help. A great way to promote student attendance at an evening event is starting that morning off in an upbeat way that makes more students open to last minute attendance. Here are some ways you can create a great morning for students, so they feel more inclined to show up later that day.

  1. Pancakes for Sale: This has to be one of the best ways to build community and create a bond between students as well as start their morning off right! Leadership students come to school early and make pancakes, selling them in the common rooms. These pancakes can be anywhere from free to $5. This will be a nice surprise for students who maybe missed breakfast or just are happy to arrive at school and get some sweet grub.
  2. Music over the announcements: Does your school have morning announcements? Spice them up this Friday by starting them off with a well known pump up song so the students can get happy before their first class of the day. This technique is great considering it’s a free and easy way to improve the students morale and is also enjoyable for the staff. 
  3. Candy Gram: Instruct leadership students to open up a booth the week prior at lunch time to sell candy grams. All students do is donate to the leadership team (ASB, stuco, etc.) with the proceeds going toward the next school event, then they will fill out a short slip of who they want to receive the candy gram next week. Have the leadership students go to each class and personally deliver the candy grams first thing that morning. Starting off everyones day right!

These are just a few things you can do to create a welcoming environment for students first thing in the morning which will in turn result in more student participation at bigger events. The main takeaway is to start the students morning off right with fun and inclusive low risk activities!

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