How to Cope with Teacher Burnout

In 2022 it’s becoming increasingly hard to avoid teacher burnout, especially if you take on extra responsibilities like managing clubs, ASB, or events. The last thing we want is for teachers who help kids stay happy and involved to feel overwhelmed or under recognized. So to start off this blog post we want to say an extra special thank you to the extraordinary teachers out there who run extracurriculars and go above and beyond, y’all are appreciated!

Here are some of Minga’s insights on how to avoid teacher burnout as someone who is too involved in the school community for their own good:

  • Take a couple minutes every morning before you walk into the school (maybe in your car) where you can set intentions and boundaries for the day. Even if you don’t stick to them or things don’t work out as planned, entering the school with a positive attitude and some serious expectations always makes for an easier day. 
  • Set a realistic time every evening where you will fully stop thinking about school or working on any school related matters, where you can just focus on things from your outside life. Don’t be afraid to slowly ease into this one if you’re someone who is in a routine of working late. 
  • Remember that students, although they may look like adults, are not, and student outbursts are common, especially toward the end of the school year. Don’t be afraid to take a short breather mid lesson if you really need to. 
  • Lastly, learn how to say no. We know it’s hard, but sometimes you need to put yourself first. 

It’s not your responsibility to hold the school on your shoulders, but if it feels like you are carrying a huge weight, we hope these tips can help you shed some stress off your back. You’re doing great. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily teacher content!

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