Getting an Academic-Focused School Involved in Activities

What does an Activities Director or Director of Campus Culture do when students don’t want to engage in on-campus activities because they’re too concerned about their grades? Going home to study is a good enough reason to not attend a winter formal but educators may find it difficult to explain the benefits of being an active part of the community to these academically inclined students. 

After speaking with thousands of educators over the years, a common adjustment that has yielded results for the Activity Directors of these academic schools actually isn’t that surprising. 

Make. Your. Activities. Competitive.

Every educator we have spoken with that has taken this approach with their high achieving student body has the engagement numbers to prove that this is an effective approach to garnering the interest of more students. A classic example of doing this would be to introduce a “House Team” approach (think Hogwarts) that allows students to gain points that go towards a year end prize, and track each team’s progress in a public space like the cafeteria, in front of the main office, or on your school’s Minga. 

If your school already has a house team in place, focus instead on finding ways to make each event or activity have a competitive element to bring out more students.

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