Is Your School Ready for Electronic Hall Passes?

If you’re a part of the education industry odds are that you have heard of Electronic Hall Passes. You probably know that you’ll eventually end up switching from hard copy passes to Electronic Hall Passes, but are not totally sure when that day will come. Let’s unpack the basics of being truly ready to integrate Digital Hall Passes onto your campus, and what that entails and looks like from an administration standpoint.

Electronic Hall Passes

Does your school already have a Digital Student ID provider?
This is probably the biggest step you need to take before being able to pursue Electronic Hall Passes. Once you’ve implemented Digital Student IDs it becomes really easy to launch Digital Hall Passes because students have become familiar with being scanned on their Digital ID App. Minga it’s easy to integrate the 2 tools together.

Are you looking to increase on-campus safety and accountability of students?
This one is a no brainer. Safety is a number one priority for any staff member in education, if you are open to stepping up your safety game, you are ready to delve into Electronic Hall Passes. These digital passes keep students safe and accounted for through their real time timer as well as digital records of every students’ whereabouts, who allotted them the pass, and what the pass was for.

Electronic Hall Passes

Looking to crack down on vaping, vandalism, and general debauchery?
Electronic Hall Passes might just be your key to decreasing unwanted behaviours during class time. Being able to keep track of which students were excused at what times helps you uncover information about prohibited behaviours. This goes even further with Minga’s No Party feature which enables staff to create groups of students who may not be excused at the same time without authorization.

And lastly, are you ready to regain control of your hallways?
Minga wants to help you create a safe and efficient way to keep track of students while simultaneously keeping them focused and in class. If you want to learn more about Minga’s Electronic Hall Passes, you can click here to book a demo. Not ready for hall passes yet? That’s okay, you should try checking out our Digital Student IDs.
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