How to engage your students. Step 1: Go Digital

Why Going Digital Is the First Step in Student Engagement

We all know that adopting new tools and protocols can be… cumbersome. I still remember the first time I used my apple wallet thinking “yeah that’s handy but I probably won’t use it that often”. Now I can’t remember the last time I paid for anything with my physical card. Even back in my university days I figured out that it was faster to memorize my barcode number and read it to the clerk instead of fishing for my student id card at the bottom of my backpack every time. 

At this point you’re probably thinking, yeah we get it Jovana technology is awesome. And it is, but that’s not the point. The point is that going digital is a stepping stool to so much unlocked potential. 

There are actually 3 steps to solving the Student Engagement equation.

Going digital is 1 step, but how we discovered it was more by chance. After launching our Digital Student ID module we saw huge increases in engagement with our additional community and culture building modules. Then after some pretty serious testing and months of closely watching growth in our schools’ engagement, we saw the steps clearly.

digital ID icon
Step 1: Replace those
Old School Passes

The first step is to digitize your school IDs and hall passes. Not only have you improved campus safety, but you have also merged these two tools into one app that is being used every day.

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Step 2: Unite your
School Community

With your entire student body on one reliable platform, you can reach them school-wide or personally to bring awareness to events, activities, or anything extracurricular happening within your school community.

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Step 3: Connect and
Reward Students

By measuring and monitoring student engagement and behaviours, you have created an environment that rewards students who are excelling and helps guide the ones who require more attention.

Now that you know the WHY let us show you the HOW.

Let’s get down to the details. A high school in Southern California ditches their hard copy student IDs and decides to go digital. The principal made this decision because it increases safety through anti-fraud protection, and because it eliminates the cost of printing and reprinting. The school throws a ticketed event for all students the following week. Because of the Digital Student ID adoption the school is now able to change the way they organize events entirely.

Students using their cell phone to access their digital student ID cards

Before students would have had to:
1. Bring cash to school
2. Purchase a ticket ahead of time
3. Bring their ID and ticket to the event
4. Wait in line to have their name crossed off a long list

This was a huge burden for admin, not to mention discouraged students from attending events. Let’s paint a picture of how this might look instead now that they’ve adopted Digital Student IDs. At this point the first step is done, and the school is able to expand their student engagement tools.

Tickets Purchase Made Easy
The event will be promoted online through Minga leading to more student turnout. Students will also be able to purchase their ticket online instead and have it attached automatically to their Digital Student ID.

Eliminate Lineups
When they show up to the event a volunteer or student leader will check them in by scanning their Digital ID card using either their phone or a scanner. This will eliminate lines almost completely.

Accurate and Safe Check in
When the ID is scanned the student is checked into the event immediately. If a student doesn’t have a ticket or is suspended the scanner will prompt no entry. All of our IDs have a live clock and a moving graphic so that people checking the IDs will be able to differentiate from a legit ID and a screenshot. The school has the option of requiring students to check out upon departure and they can see exactly which students left and when.

Insightful and Easy to Read Data
After the event, staff with privileges will be able to see a detailed list of students who attended the event and their arrival and departure time. Staff can even delegate individual points to every student for attending the event as a participation incentive. 

So when we say that Digital Student IDs are the first step in student engagement, we mean it.

Thanks so much for letting me share with you the secret to student engagement. If you are interested in learning more about Digital Student IDs click here. To stay up to date on Minga fun make sure to follow us on Linkedin and Instagram

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