Experience the new Minga V7 – enhanced for simplicity and efficiency!

Big news, Minga family! πŸŽ‰ Version 7 (V7) introduces new features and an enhanced user interface that’s designed to give you a smoother, slicker, and more intuitive experience that feels fresh yet familiar. We’ve listened to your feedback, fine-tuned details, and are thrilled to roll out these changes, just for you.

*Released mid-April 2024


Here’s what’s new in Minga V7

Click here to download a shareable PDF with your teachers and admins.

1. A new and improved user interface

1.1. Enhanced navigation with side and top menus

The updated UI introduces a sleek, redesigned interface, improving usability and efficiency through a new expandable side menu and a restructured top menu β€” reducing the number of clicks and speeding up your interactions.

1.2. An improved look on desktop and mobile screens for teachers and admins

We’ve maximized your screen’s real estate for mobile and desktop, making the features you love more accessible without changing the workflows you’re used to.

1.3. Updated module icons

Our new icons are designed with your feedback in mind so you can quickly identify the various tools and sections easily as you navigate around.

1.4. Quicker access to IDs for students

The Minga student interface has also been updated for improved navigation. The menu system has been redesigned for more efficient access to student tools and quick steps to explore a student’s full Minga profile. These changes aim to simplify student interactions with Minga, making it quicker and more straightforward for them to find what they need with minimal effort.

2. New β€œMy Class” management workflow, aimed at teachers

Introducing β€œMy Class”, your one-stop hub for all your classroom management needs. Distribute hall passes, recognize student achievements, issue disciplinary actions, and manage your classroom effortlessly with a new centralized dashboard.

Thanks to your feedback this feature simplifies access to frequently used teacher tools and is customizable to individual needs. The goal of “My Class” is to enhance classroom management by, reducing interruptions and allowing teachers to dedicate more time to teaching.

Click here for a guide to setting up My Class in Minga.

MyClass is Minga's latest feature, allowing you to create hall passes, track tardies, and more directly from a teacher-driven dashboard.

Watch the video below to see how teachers can easily upload their class rosters, with My Class.

3. Your Minga subscription details, all on one page

Owners and managers can get a clear overview of your Minga account on the new subscription management page. Explore current and new modules, manage your settings, and customize Minga to fit your unique needs.

Minga V7 subscription area

Together toward tomorrow

Minga V7 marks a new chapter, built with dedication by our team, alongside valuable feedback from an incredible community of admins and teachers. Your insights fuel our innovation, making Minga more intuitive, inviting, and inclusive.

Together, we’re moving towards a future where digital integration in schools is seamless and transformative fostering a vibrant community poised to redefine the digital landscape in education.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out these exciting changes. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

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