Minga at its core can be defined as cooperative work in a community to achieve a common goal. That’s where it all started, working together to build community where it’s needed. Every contribution, no matter the size, is received with gratitude. In a Minga everyone has a role and every role is equal and respected.

When we were creating our company, we immediately thought of a Minga. We just slightly adjusted the definition so that it was relevant to the digital world; a space dedicated to creating an amazing culture and connected community. People share their time, work, motivation, or knowledge to reach a goal that betters their community. School communities consist of students, teachers, parents, administrators, support staff, and curriculum partners.


Minga is a Student Engagement platform designed for middle and high schools. Here’s what we do to make student management and connection easy.

Digital Student IDs: The M-ID is a replacement for hard copy student IDs that function 10x better. Minga rethought students IDs and consolidated every single issue that came along with them. The M-ID is anti-fraud, customizable, clean, can hold multiple stickers/validations, eliminates printing and distributing, and students will never forget or lose their ID ever again.

Digital Hall Passes: If you like the M-ID you’ll love her sister, the M-Pass. Minga created Digital Hall Passes in order to monitor time spent outside of the classroom, reduce tomfoolery (vaping/vandalism), optimize time spent dealing with hall passes, and most importantly to keep students safe.

Community and Communication: Creating community has been Minga’s goal since the very beginning. That’s why M-Comm has a special place in our hearts. Our Community and Communication Module was made because students are overwhelmed with dozens of apps, platforms, and portals made for “communication” when in reality these apps are actually hindering effective connections. To add to that, 80% of school communication apps live today, do not meet federal or state laws. Good thing Minga does. M-Comm is your one spot for everything extracurricular, with SMS, calendar, club, poll, and team features. The possibilities are endless.


PBIS and Tracking: Positive Behaviour Intervention Systems were game changing in elementary, we wanted to create the same thing but made specifically for middle and high schools. Minga’s M-Stats and M-Trax enable staff to support good behaviours, discourage unwanted behaviours, create campus wide friendly competition that incentivizes participation, and easily navigate data and analytics in regards to student behaviours.

We know that there are educators and leaders out there who want to make a positive impact in their school. Not just through enhancing academics, but by building strong SEL in their students and giving them the tools they need to move confidently through their education experiences. Minga may be made for everything outside the classroom, but it changes what happens inside the classroom as well.

So to answer your question “What is a Minga?”, it’s more than just an Ecuadorian term motivating participation through shared goals. It’s also the best and only Student Engagement app you’ll ever need to keep your students happy, safe, involved, and recognized as an important member of a community who cares for them. If you want to stay up to date on Minga current events, be sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram for weekly updates. If you’re interested in learning more about how any of our modules could fit into your school be sure to book a demo.

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