Making Flex Periods Work for Your School

Key Strategies for Maximizing the Impact of Flex Periods

Flex periods can greatly enhance the learning process, encouraging adaptability and personalized experiences for students. For these periods to make a real difference, though, students need to see their worth, have a clear grasp of how they work, and be eager to sign up for a flex activity.

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High school flex periods represent a bold and innovative plan to give (Michigan) students, and particularly those from economically disadvantaged households and rural regions, more means and opportunity to chart productive and fulfilling paths toward graduation.

– Ben DeGrow,
The Mackinac Center for Public Policy

FAQs: High School Flex Period

No. But when managed correctly it’s easy to see where students were assigned to go once they left the classroom.

Yes, our FlexTime module allows students to self-check in using a unique QR code. Staff can also easily check in students using a barcode scanner or the app.

The FlexTime Module works as a first-come, first-serve solution. Once a teacher assigns a student to a FlexTime activity, another teacher cannot automatically assign the same student to another activity during that same FlexTime period.

No, teacher-assigned activities will always override a student’s ability to self-select a FlexTime activity.

Yes, you can control who can make changes to FlexTime periods based on the following “lock” options: open to everybody, open to only teachers to assign, open to students to self-register, open to admin only.

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