PBIS Points and the Power of Reporting on student behavior!

Bonita High School, CA is a beloved Minga school who has been with us from the beginning. Here is how they utilize Minga to boost student participation and keep track of the stats while doing so. Bonita has paired Minga’s Digital ID Module, PBIS Rewards and Tracking Student Behavior Module, and our Community and Communication Module to create a seamless student/teacher experience. Bonita uses the Minga PBIS Points module to assign points to groups for fun student events and incentivize them to stay engaged. Julia Pocino is the Activities Director and ASB Coordinator at Bonita High and here’s what she had to say about points:

PBIS Points

“I think right now we’re using groups the most, it’s really helping to replace all the other apps we were using to juggle our extracurriculars. An upcoming event that I’m excited to use Minga for has to be Action Night, which is basically class (grade) wars where they play games against each other. That is in April but the idea is that the Minga points throughout the year will build up to that night. It’s one of our favorite events considering students from all grades attend and really get excited and involved, especially now that we’ve implemented the long running rewards”

PBIS Points

PBIS Points and Rewards go hand in hand with Student Behaviour reporting.

Merging PBIS points and student behavior has been a game-changer at Bonita High. Pair this all with Digital IDs and you’re able to scan students into events and track their attendance down to the minute while awarding them points for being there in the first place. “The Scanner works a million times better than our old school ID scanners, it just automatically enters everything and accurately counts and keeps track of our kids. Let alone the fact that the training was super easy and we’re already seeing more involvement now that we started the faster process.”

Minga spoke to Casey, a senior class council, leadership, and three-sport athlete student and she happened to tell us a bit about the Communication and Community Module and what is drawing students there. “I like that there’s a calendar that gives you options of all the groups being together or separate. The calendar is just super helpful and we (the students) really like how everything is in one place, it’s such a change from what the school was doing before where we all had to use a bunch of different apps.”

Bonita High School took Minga by the horns and implemented our PBIS Rewards and Tracking Student Behavior Module and the culture changed forever. Now student attendance is being recorded at events and teachers can see detailed timelines of their engagement journey as well as willingness to participate. They have seen student attendance grow exponentially and have had only positive reactions from the student body so far. Shout out to Bonita High! If you want to download the full case on Bonita High, scroll down.

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Every time I’m using Minga, the ease of it just makes me more and more invested.

David Castle, ASB Teacher,
Kastner Intermediate, CA

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