Why it’s NOT a Communication Problem

Middle and high schools across North America are convinced that communication is one of the biggest problems that they face. However, Minga firmly believes that it’s not about being able to communicate information to the students but instead a lack of student incentive to involve themselves in the school community. In other words, students don’t care about extracurriculars. 

You’ve tried emailing them, you’ve tried opening up a school instagram, you’ve tried putting it on the school website, but still students don’t attend events, or at least not in the numbers you want to see. Students don’t have incentive to get involved and they have enough going on in their lives to keep them occupied, so asking them to check their email and wear crazy socks this Thursday is not something they are super eager to do. 

So we’re not here to help you improve communication, we’re here to help you engage your students and create incentive for them to actually attend events, and get involved in extracurriculars with the help of our platform that actually makes communication easier and functions as a one stop shop for everything spirit related. 

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