What is an Extracurricular Management System?

Extracurricular Management Systems are becoming more and more prevalent throughout school districts in North America. The extracurricular management concept is seeing a huge rise in popularity for many reasons, one of which being the direct correlation extracurricular involvement has with academic success and achievement. Another reason for this rise in popularity is because school, and classroom numbers are growing, and activity directors, ASB advisors, and leadership coordinators are all searching for a single tool to help them streamline spirit. 

But what IS an Extracurricular Management System? It’s a tool that handles everything extracurricular in your school community, and here at Minga we believe it thrives on 6 pillars.

Modern, unified student communications that students read

Dynamic event calendar and management

Central management of every club and team on campus

Measured reward involvement on a school-wide spectrum

Digital Student ID built to make things easy

Trends and reports on student engagement

After taking the time to really learn about extracurricular management systems and exactly how they function within middle school and high school environments, Minga landed on these factors. We spoke to hundreds of educators all involved in their schools extracurricular planning and really listened to their concerns and exactly what they needed. That’s why we implemented these 6 concepts and tools into Minga and created a one stop shop for literally everything and anything extracurricular that you can imagine at your school. 

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