Tips for getting a crowd PUMPED UP!

Have you ever had a pep rally that was lacking in pep? Ever hosted a school event with less than an ideal turnout? What about an assembly where the students are completely disengaged? Minga is here to help with some hot tips on how to get students excited and fired up during extracurricular events.

Tip #1: Make sure to pump yourself up before the event or the rally. Your energy will always dictate the students reactions and is the most important factor for setting the tone. 
Tip #2: Have fun with it! Make sure to have fun while you’re speaking to the students and setting up the event. When you prioritize having fun and enjoy yourself it takes off the pressure of public speaking and any fear of failure which makes for a better event. 
Tip #3: Speak clearly and at a volume where everyone can hear you, this one may seem obvious but is constantly overlooked. If you are a soft spoken person, be sure to practice articulating and speaking up before the event because this can really set the tone for the energy in the room.
Tip #4: Take up space. Make sure to use move and really travel around during these events, using hand and full body movements to really get your point across can help get students attention and make them more engaged in the event and take them out of class mode. 

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