Ways to Incentivize Students

How do we incentivize students to start attending more events, or even to just get them excited about school spirit again? You already have the answers but we’ll list some off anyway.

Merch: Trust us when we say, Invest in a t-shirt launcher. Giving away free merch is a great way to get the students excited about school spirit and seeing another student winning merch might even be their motivation to attend the next school event. 

Snacks: Giving away candy as a prize or even throwing around some candy during rallys or short events can be super fun for students. As soon as they see it they are on a quest to get their hands on some and will be more likely to think back fondly on the event if they have a sugar high. 

Points: On Minga you can grant points to students who attend certain events or complete certain challenges. This is a great way to foster competitiveness into school spirit and furthermore incentivize students to start getting more involved!

Videos: A fun and out of the box way to bring more students to school events, is to ask the AV or photography club to interview students at events asking them how they are feeling and if they are having fun, as well as captioning some of the event’s big moments. This video can be posted on Minga for everyone to see or on any other platform that students have access to. This will serve almost like an ad for school events and will help spike attendance.

We hope these tips can help you incentivize students to start attending more school events and even create a more exciting and action packed school culture. For more, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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