How to Run a Club like a Boss

Minga knows that sometimes the most simple extracurricular activities can end up taking up all of your free time as a teacher, so we’re here to help. Running clubs can take up a lot of your time after school and even on the weekends, coordinating and leading meetings as well as trying to organize dates and times with several different students. 

The Minga platform is one of the easiest ways to create and manage clubs, especially because it offers teachers the opportunity to grant privileges to certain student leaders as well as more seasoned students who can then take over a lot of the responsibility. Here are some notable things that Minga Clubs can do that will make your life as a teacher involved in clubs easier:

  1. Easily create new clubs and invite students. 
  2. Students can request to join a club through Minga and you can approve them.
  3. Opportunity to delegate by assigning privileges to club presidents. 
  4. Ability to run club wide polls in the Minga app. 
  5. Personalized calendar for every student involved in the club to see all their school related events in one place. 

That is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get involved and take leadership in your students lives without compromising your own, talk to your academic advisor about Minga today. We’re here to help you help them. 

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