How to Get Rid of Crowd Anxiety

We’ve been talking to a lot of students lately and results show that the number one thing they are nervous about this coming year is coping with crowd anxiety, which affects educators too. At Minga, we’ve compiled a short list of tips, tricks, and healthy coping mechanisms that you can use to put yourself at ease before this coming school year.

  1. When in a situation where you are overwhelmed by the amount of people around you, remove yourself and take a moment to catch your breath in a space that feels safe to you. Rejoin the group whenever you are ready. 
  2. Before classes are in session, visit your campus and walk around re-familiarizing yourself and fostering comfort.
  3. Try and leave the house every single day even if it’s just for a walk. If this feels beneficial to you, take it a step further and leave at the same time you would for school. 
  4. Try and socialize (safely) as much as you can prior to the first day of school, even just going for dinner or a picnic with friends the day before school to take your mind away. 
  5. Write a list of all the things that calm you, ground you, make you feel happy, and remember to use those activities to recharge after a straining day or experience. Even just a bubble bath or alone time could be extremely beneficial to reflect. 
  6. Stay positive and rely on technology to help you through. Most events will continue to be optionally hybrid this year and if you don’t feel mentally prepared to attend an event in person you can still show your support by attending from home, or helping plan and execute through Minga. 

Mental health is an incredibly important thing, and it’s necessary to provide yourself, and your students with the tools to navigate their anxieties about this upcoming school year if you want to diminish hardships. 

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