How to be Fearless While Speaking in Public 

Some people seem to be born with this natural ability to shine in front of a crowd, whether it be during a class presentation or centre stage at the spring talent show, it just looks effortless. Unfortunately, not all of us are as confident in front of an audience, just the thought of having to stand in front of our peers can feel as though an entire kaleidoscope of butterflies is fluttering around inside of us.

If you know the feeling then I encourage you to continue reading as this guide is for you, my fellow shy person. This guide outlines simple techniques that you can use to become more confident while in the spotlight and break free from those fears. 


The most confident speakers in the world still practice their speeches beforehand. You can practice on your own, record yourself or if you’re brave enough, practice with a friend or family member and ask them for feedback. 


Ensure that you have taken the time to prepare yourself by researching your topic, memorizing your key points or speech and familiarizing yourself with the environment. You can even arrange to visit the place you will be speaking ahead of time to help calm your nerves. 

Know your Audience

Get familiar with who you are speaking to and learn how to grab their attention. I recommend starting with an interesting fact or a story that relates to your topic during those early moments to really capture their interest. 

Share your Passions

If possible, choose a topic that you already know and love. Discussing a topic that you are familiar with and passionate about will help to ease your anxiety and your audience will notice that. 

Be Direct 

Try not to over complicate things, remember to stick to your topic and main message. Be sure to bring back each point to this message to support the theme that you are presenting. 


Even if it feels impossible, remember to smile because if all else fails at least you will still capture your audience’s attention by looking like you have it all together. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to take deep breaths and try to enjoy the experience because chances are you will end with a sense of accomplishment. You’ve got this my friend! For more like this don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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