Everything you need to know from CADA

This year CADA came back live in real life after a year of being online and Minga was ecstatic! We booked our tickets and off we went to Reno to meet a whole new batch of Activities Directors and ASB advisors. It was my first time at CADA so I was eager to get out there and milk the conference for everything it had to offer.

Some of my favorite experiences were Scott Backovich’s Keynote session, the Exhibit Hall (obviously), and bowling night! Speaking of the Exhibit Hall, the Minga booth was PACKED from start to finish each day. The Minga team decided we wanted to show everyone just how our student IDs work in real time. Each person who approached the booth got a Minga account and their photo uploaded to their very own Digital ID. If you were one of these people, feel free to log back onto your Minga account and check out your ID, it will still be there waiting for you! 

One of the most valuable take-aways from my CADA experience was the motivation. This conference really helped me re-energize and remember why I pursued a career affiliated with education in the first place. The CADA conference helped me re-ignite my passion for inspiring students and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. In addition to this it was amazing to finally see some Zoom faces in person! Meeting such a large group of educators who are passionate about school spirit and student involvement was refreshing and gave me hope for the future and the return of school activities in full swing this upcoming year. 

My key learning points from CADA this year would have to be:

  1. Digital IDs are Huge 
  2. Teachers are adapting points systems and fast 
  3. Motivation and passion are what drives us to be better, if not for ourselves than for our students. 
  4. Events are coming back next year, in a BIG way.

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