Everything you need to know about Challenges

Challenges are a Minga signature. They are a way to get students excited about events, and unite them together without putting too much pressure on them or taking up too much of their time. You can easily create your own challenges on Minga, but we know you’re busy so we made 40 of them for you that you can use if you want. Soon all of them will be featured and ready to download from our resource page, but for now we’re featuring a few here that you can copy and use!

Instructions: Post a picture of you when you were a baby or a kid!
Why it Works: This challenge will receive a lot of student attention because they have pictures they want to share and they will sift through the replies to see what others posted. This will nicely fill up the school photo section.
Instructions: Write the name of your favourite song or share a photo of your fav album. (ONLY 1)
Why it works: Students love sharing music, they post songs on their Instagram stories all the time to show others what they are listening to. This challenge has a lot of participation and will have students sifting through the responses for new music.
Instructions: In this writing (or video) challenge submit 2 truths and 1 lie. After submitting your answers, swipe through other submissions and reply what you think the lie is in the comments! After lunch, find your post and reveal the lie in the comments!
Why it works: This challenge is a super simple bonding exercise for the kids to have fun with their peers and learn new things about them. This is a great icebreaker challenge for new clubs and even entire grades (especially 7 and 9).
Instructions: Post a rad photo of yourself and friends wearing school colors today! Best outfit will be announced after lunch and win a prize!
Why it Works: Classic spirit day that gets students excited and showing their spirit not only personally but also on Minga to last. Makes pep rallies that much more inclusive.

Stay tuned to see all 40 challenges on our resource page soon, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

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