Creating Positive Social Spaces Online for Students

Students today have access to a multitude of social media platforms that enable them to connect with basically anyone. Sometimes these platforms aren’t always safe or monitored. Almost always, these platforms are inappropriate for student engagement through the school. Now we’re not saying you have to ditch the school’s Instagram account, but we are offering a safer, more engaging platform that is restricted to students that attend your school. 

Minga is a great example of a platform that can engage students in a healthy and proactive way by offering interactive polls and challenges on the homepage that make students feel seen and heard. We also showcase big school events and enable admins and student leaders to advertise school activities on the homepage to spread the word. In addition to this Minga has a detection system that prevents students from using inappropriate language or hate speech. 

During this unstable and disconnected time period that our students are facing, Minga wants to be the positive social space for students to connect and build community, whether in person or from home. We are crushed to see students in their senior year of high school with so little spirit, such a lack of community, and little to none real highschool memories. Help us change that this year so that these students can actually experience their teenage years whether it’s virtual or organic. 

Kickstarting spirit, fostering community, and creating a safe space. Check us out on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on what Minga’s up to. 

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