One of the best ways to drive engagement at your school is by separating the student body into Teams or Houses. Minga’s personal favorite way to do this is through grades but it is also fun and effective if you separate the students randomly and grant them team names or themes. 

Assuming each person can earn points at school for attending events and participating in activities, separating students by grade can create an extremely healthy incentive for students to gather and attend more events. This will help create a group bond and sense of community at your school, as well as help spike involvement through the roof. 

If you decide to go the House route and separate students randomly, this can help introduce students to a wider network of peers that they might’ve not had the opportunity to connect with before. This creates a safe space for new students and freshmen to feel welcomed by their older peers and learn about all the fun traditions your school has to offer, as well as clubs and extracurriculars they might have not heard of yet. 

On the Minga App students can earn points by attending events, participating in polls, and responding to challenges, and select teachers can easily assign points to teams or individuals at any given time. Students and staff can see the collective points on the leaderboard, which helps drive student motivation even further. Offering a prize for the team with the most points at the end of the year is a huge game changer and we have found it’s super effective for creating a school culture of togetherness. Hold events and assign points to winning teams and students in real-time to drive your student body towards a connected goal. 

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