Community Inside and Outside of the Classroom

We all know that students need a sense of community to thrive, that’s not news to us. Although, the borders of community should not be limited from class to class. Instead we should broaden those boundaries to reach a school wide level. 

Once a sense of school community is established, it will strengthen your classroom bond even more and create a safer environment for students to learn and thrive in. Creating this connectedness between students and their school establishes a sense of common respect and therefore makes the job of the educator significantly easier and also brings forth a more natural feeling of control in the classroom dynamic. 

There are many ways teachers can create a sense of community in the classroom, our friend CJ from West Philadelphia runs a Youtube channel called Real Rap with Reynolds where he posts videos frequently about the In’s and Out’s of being a nine grade english lit teacher which all somewhat ties back into a theme of building a classroom community. If you’re looking to foster relationships on a smaller scale we urge you to check out his channel and start there!

Minga is here to help you with the big stuff, like school wide loyalty and responsibility building. We have created a platform where students can take spirit and extracurriculars to a new level, but for the purpose and goal and creating a healthy environment for students to grow and build their community past the doors of the classroom and create synergy as a student body. 

If you wanna learn more about how you can build community on a school wide level, click here. For more information about what Minga is doing for schools as we speak, check out our Twitter and Instagram

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