This is the LAST week of our 30 Days of Spirit Blog series, and it’s the one you have all been waiting for… High School! These are the best of the best and the most anticipated tricks of this series, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

  1. School Colors Day! No better way to show spirit than dressing in your school’s colors.
  2. COOL CAR! – this one is only for the seniors but they can team up and decorate their friends’ cars and post photos on social media and the most decked out vehicle wins!
  3. Western Day – have students dress up like cowboys. This is awesome for fostering creativity because you can go anywhere with it! It’s also pretty accessible considering you can get a lot of western gear at goodwill.
  4. Haunted House – Get your leadership team to set up a haunted house somewhere in the school where students wearing costumes gain free entry on halloween.
  5. Y2K Day – since the 2000’s are coming back teens will eat up this spirit and seize the opportunity to dress as their favourite Y2K icons. The best way to make these fun and specific spirit days work is to find some inspirational photos and slap them on posters throughout the school to promote the day coming up.
  6. Food Eating Contest! Have students pledge their friends and donate a specific food for the contest! Students will love watching their friends try and eat messy spaghetti in front of the whole school and outspoken students will love the opportunity to be in the limelight.
  7. Year 3000 – have students dress in their most futuristic outfits and post on to social media – the best ones will have a fun prize.
  8. Awards Show Assembly – less of a spirit day and more of an event, have students vote by filling in the blank after “most likely to” and announce the winners at a lunch time “awards show” organized by the students.
  9. Pancake Day! Have the leadership team come in early once a month and make 2$ (or a reasonable price) pancakes for the other students. This activity is awesome for students who are too busy to grab breakfast on their own and also builds a fun sense of loyalty to their school’s awesome traditions.
  10. If you’re looking for a quick and easy spirit day last minute try Sunglasses Day. Teens love an excuse to wear their sunglasses indoors and will have fun bringing their funkiest sunglasses to school!

That’s all folks! Thanks for tuning into our 3 part blog series this past month and we’ll be back with more ideas soon!

We love to see people using our tricks in real life and seeing our clients thrive so let us know if you use any of these spirit day ideas and make sure to tag us or @AppMinga if you post onto socials! Linked here: Instagram & Twitter

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