Redlands Success Journey with Minga: Winning strategies they used to reignite campus spirit

Activities Director  Katie Baker  adopted Minga to increase student engagement and create a positive campus culture. At first they saw their engagement levels rise with the communication module. Once they added Digital Hall Passes and Digital IDs, the number of students engaging with the platform increased significantly, marking a new stage in their journey with Minga.

Key Problem Areas:

  • Lack of Student Interest and Participation 
  • Communicating on Multiple Channels
  • Complex Workflows and too many tools
  • Lack of Easy ID and Hallway Management
  • Teachers Using Multiple Platforms and Methods


Lack of student participation and teacher buy-in, made it hard for Redlands to build a connected community.

Let’s throw it back to 2019. Katie Baker was struggling with managing multiple channels, and promoting and posting all extracurricular messages on her own. These channels were all receiving little engagement and students were still showing up to school clueless. Furthermore, teachers were managing their groups and clubs on multiple platforms, leaving students feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about which tool to turn to.

But how do you track 2000 kids? That is an overwhelming concept. Which kids are involved and which aren’t? What I like is the fact that the more you engage in it and the more you use, the different parts of it, you inadvertently in a sense, start to track that data and you don’t even know it. It’s all built in on top of all the other pieces that make an online communication platform work for schools.

Fast forward to now. Some of those challenges have been remedied after the initial adoption of Minga. They were able to consolidate the way they managed clubs and events, as well as boost student awareness and engagement through the Minga feed and notifications. But their ambitious student engagement goals continued to grow. 

They wanted more student participation and turnout, and wanted to completely eliminate their other promotional channels. They wanted to successfully reach their student body, and wanted them to care about campus activities and extracurriculars. 

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Adopting a Campus Management Platform that integrates a news feed, Student IDs, and Hall Passes all in one tool.

The end goal for Redlands has always been increased spirit and student involvement. Minga’s Community and Communication Module solved that initial challenge. But where their success really lied was in the implementation of Digital Student IDs and Digital Hall Passes

Activities Director, Katie Baker described it to us as a “hook”. A mandatory measure driving students to the platform. 

Redlands Student Engagment Increase

These tools were bringing students into Minga, and the activity on the home feed was keeping them there. Redlands was seeing a super high level of student attention toward the promotion of events and activities. With the added benefit of clear hallways, and simple ID management. 


Students participation levels have skyrocketed, while Campus Management has never been easier.

With greater numbers of students attending events now more than ever before, we’re happy to say that Redlands has reached their final goal of fostering an engaged student body and connected campus. Katie continued to push for the retirement of all other channels of content promotion other than the Redlands Website and their ASB Instagram to urge the use of Minga, and it worked.

We probably cut down hallway meandering by 75%

In addition, the implementation of Digital IDs and Hall Passes via Minga has greatly improved Redlands High School’s campus management protocols, resulting in increased student turnout, improved campus synergy, and better hallway management.

Katie shared with us a decrease of hallway traffic during instructional hours of 75%…WOW. They have also eliminated the printing and reprinting of Student IDs entirely, making registration day easier beyond words. This has not only affected their student body participation, but also increased safety and workflow consistency around campus for the better.

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What I love, is the more you use Minga, you inadvertently start to build up essential data and you don’t even know it. That data is valuable and can be leveraged to enhance your school management. Its all-in-one tool makes it easy to manage the data, and act on it.

Katie Baker,
Activity Director

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